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Second Miscarriage in 6 months Lock Rss

I don't post on here very often, but could do with some advise.

I am miscarrying my second pregnancy in 6 months as we speak. I lost the first one back in March at 11 weeks. I was unprepared for a M/C as I had only ever experienced one other pregnancy which resulted in my beautiful 16 month old DD. I just assumed all pregnancies would end that way. I was devasted by that loss, but decided to give it another go.

I am currently six weeks pregnant, but have started cramping and bleeding. I have been having regular blood tests to monitor my HGC levels and they have dropped in the last week, so this loss is not unexpected. I am not as sad this time around, but never the less, it is a lot to go through.

I have been blessed with one stunning child, but never imagined she would be an only child. I will be 38 late this year and wonder if these M/C's are a sign that I am getting too old to have another. My husband wants to try again soon for 'third time lucky'. Would you? Or just try and move on and accept that I am truly lucky to have the one perfect child that I have?

I understand how you are feeling sad

I had a perfectly normal, healthy pregnancy that gave us our beautiful DD. When we decided to start trying for #2 I just expected things would be the same. I ended up having 3 miscarriages in a row and was devastated, but we kept trying and I am now pregnant and signs so far are good. I have been seeing a naturopath specialising in fertility and I really believe that has helped. So I would say no, don't give up smile
Wow, three miscarriages in a row. How did you are and your partner cope emotionally with that? I am hoping that I will deal with this second one better because I didn't really allow myself to get to excited, or 'bond' with this one knowing my history. I don't want to deny myself the excitment of early pregnancy either. Know what I mean?

Im so sorry and i know exactly how you feel. I have had 2 beautiful babes with no complications and in the last 10months have had 2 miscarriages in a row at 11 weeks and the second and 13 weeks and after both times i had said that enough was enough and that was that.
But as time goes on the pain eases, you will never forget the babies youlost but dont be discouraged.
We have decided to try again and will start to ttc next month (4 months after last m/c). i am nervous but excited at the same time.
The doctor has told us what happened to us was just bad luck. Doesnt make it any easier though.
Whatever you decide to do i wish you all the best. xxoo

Scarlett 19/01/06. Hamish 16/07/07. Isla 05/02/13.

Wow, three miscarriages in a row. How did you are and your partner cope emotionally with that? I am hoping that I will deal with this second one better because I didn't really allow myself to get to excited, or 'bond' with this one knowing my history. I don't want to deny myself the excitment of early pregnancy either. Know what I mean?

I just had to keep telling myself that the time wasn't right, but it would be soon. The thing I hated the most was having to tell DH that I was bleeding - again - and seeing the absolute heartbreak on his face sad

For me the 2nd one was actually worse, because I was further along than the 1st and 3rd. I understand what you mean about not getting excited too. The 2nd and 3rd time I really wasn't and I was actually expecting it all to go wrong - not the best mindset to be in. This time though I am excited, it feels different and I am really believing that it will be ok.
Just wanted to say so sorry to you and your DH for your loss and please don't give up on your dream of another baby. I too had a mc (at 7 weeks) and now have a beautiful 7mo ds.

It took us 2 years of ttc after the mc, and when we finally did get pregnant, I kept expecting to mc again... after all I didn't know any different (if that makes sense). I was scared all the way through my pregnancy, and it wasn't until my ds was born and in my arms, that both DH and myself felt relief. I think it's only natural to worry especially since we have no control over anything.

GBH to you and your DH at this trying time! xx

This is really timely for me. I am having my second miscarriage in 4 months. Both times at 6/7 weeks. I have a little girl who is 2 (took 2 years and IVF to get her) so feel lucky to get pregnant twice naturally. My gyn suggests testing a number of things can cause miscarriage like thyroid, immune system so maybe get that checked and if all clear try again.
Good luck.
Thanks everyone. I think I need to give myself time to get over this last loss and then take a step back and decide what the best thing for me to do is.

I'm hoping not to have an only child, but I realise how lucky I am to have been blessed at all.

Hey hun, i am so sorry for the loss of both of your much wanted babies!

Since september last yr i have had. 2 mc and a chemical pregnancy (mc at very early) , for me not having another bub was never an option, but my df had similar thought to you. Iam 22 so my age didnt play apart in deciding weather or not to try again and i dnt think it should for you either if you do want another baby! If you decide you you dont want to try again and you will be happy with one child then thats fine but given that it is harder the older you are it would be sad if you waited 5 years and then decided you really did want another bub and then it was even harder...iykwim?

Have you had any tests done? As previous post said there are manything which can cause mc, after 2 mc i was well tired of being told its just bad luck or that something was wrong with the babies, i had scans with both and both times baby looked fine even when i was bleeding the hours after being told the bleeding should stop and pregnancy might be fine i would lose my baby. I had numerous tests while i wasnt pregnant but they were all fine. I then had. The chemical pregnancy. When i found out i was pregnant for the 4th time i demanded to have every test under the sun, they tested my hormone levels (not just my hcg) and found my progesterone level was low ( this supports the pregnancy until the placenta is established) so obviously baby wasnt sticking because it wasnt being supported properly. I bled for 2 hours shortly after seeing the dr and presumed the worst but it stopped and so i started taking extra progesterone. I have made it to 10 weeks so far and while it hasnt been a perfect textbook pregnancy i hold onto hope that we will hold our baby in january!

So that was my very long winded way of saying if you want another baby then no dont stop trying and dont let the drs tell you its just unlucky or just your bodies way of stopping a baby that isnt meant to be because while that can be the case it isnt always! If you do decide to try again it will be stressfull and you will worry but you just have to remember why your doing it, some days i feel sompletely emotionally and physically drained but i know if this baby didnt stick though i would be shattered, i would try again! +f you decide not too then there is by no means anything wrong with being greatful for the beautiful girrl you do have dciding yoyr family is complete!
What ever you decide i wish you all the best and every happiness!

So sorry to hear of your loss. I truly understand how you are feeling. I almost gave up hope of ever being a mum again after having 2 miscarriages at 7 weeks and 9 weeks within less than 12 months when I was 39 years old. Am so glad I gave it another shot - I had my beautiful baby girl at the age of 41 in March smile
SANDS (Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Support) helped me a lot to deal with my emotional issues, I just emailed them and they gave me the number of a support person and it was such a great help to talk to someone who went through the heartbreak of losing a baby, too.
Never think you are too old, I knew a girl I worked with who had 2 miscarriages before she had her baby and she was 10 years younger than me, so I never believed it was all related to my age. Hey, according to statistics I shouldn't have gotten pregnant that easy either smile
Don't give up and good luck!
Hi Im 31 and pregnant for the 6th time. Ive had 2 m/c at 6 weeks, 1 termination at 20weeks due to health complications I have 2 beautiful children and I am 13 weeks into my pregnancy.
I have a rare genetic disorder called a balanced translocation with chromosones 2 and 7. My mum, sister, nan, children and brother al have this balanced translocation. My mum had 19 m/c's and 3 children..

If you continue to have difficulties seek as much advice as you can. My translocation was found in a special genetic blood test. Dont be put off. dont over think. Just take a breather, a few months and give it another go.

Hang in there roll eyes
Hi There,

I just tapped this out in response to another forum line, but thought sharing my experience with you also may be up lifting to not give up.

So sorry to hear for you and your partners loss, I know the feeling of not knowing what to feel is mind numbing.

I too, like you will be discovering has happened to alot of couples, have experienced the loss of a child.

Jan 2010, I had a miscarriage and lost bubs at 9 weeks, and my thoughts afterwards was that I wanted a child more then ever and wanted to start straight away, it took for me to stop obsessing over becoming pregnant and just enjoy love making with my partner to fall again in May 2010. while pregnant, I fell pregnant (very rare) so I had one in the uterus and one in the fallopian tube and they were of different gestational ages. Devastatingly we lost both in July 2010 to miscarriage this time was more awful as I was in hospital for over a week and had the contractions of labour and had to give "birth" to the two little ones we will never get to hold.

Im a learn to swim teacher so being around babies and children after losing my own was to hard to bare, and went on leave from work with depression, as I didnt speak to anybody about the miscarriages and nor did my partner especially when the hospital can sometimes be insensitive by not acknowledging the baby as a child due to the technical gestational age so we originally thought we were silly if we spoke to someone. To us it didnt matter if it was week 10 or week 20 it was apart of us and our love for each other. After realising where we were in our life was not healthy and was not going to help with future chances of having our own family we dealt with our grief by speaking to a physiologist together. We very much turned this sad chapter in our life to focus on our relationship and make ourselves stronger, ready for when our angel baby does come into this world.

We then took away the pressure we put on ourselves of "trying for a baby" and if anyone asked we said we werent trying and we werent not trying.
By this we we continuing to make love just unprotected smile. we didnt worry about timing, and he didnt ejaculate everytime inside me, we just stopped focusing on the goal of having a child and family. and remembered that we are already a family and when it gets bigger it will be the greatest blessing.

In December 2010 we found out we were pregnant again every day the fear of losing this child started to control us but we had very understanding doctors that allowed us each fortnight to have a HCG blood test to make sure all was progressing well up until the 14th week.

We are now in week 30 and expecting our first son in September. And let me tell you the worrying feeling never stops, you just enjoy each day you get.

I personally think there is no set amount of time when you should be trying again. If medically there could be dangers to yourself or future baby then listen to medical advice. But personally i think dont pressure yourself or your partner with any time frame. Just sleep easy knowing that you and your partner CAN have children you have already proven that, and when your little angel baby is ready you will have a successful pregnancy. Just be grateful that you weren't further along and had to terminate due to something being wrong, but instead nature just said this little one wasnt developing right, and that this baby renovated your tummy a little ready for the next one.

Best of luck to the both of you remember to live, laugh and love.
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