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What sad stories from everyone sad
Although I have not endured what the rest of you have, I have been to a few talks by SIDS and Kids. They are wonderful people who are very supportive and have been through similiar things themselves. Everytime I hear them I come away saddened but also glad that there are such caring people out there so willing to give support!
My thoughts are with all of you.
Hi, I am so so so sorry for your lost as I know how it feels, I lost our first little one at just aobut 12 weeks and also had no symptoms so it was a huge shock. After I had the D&C i experienced a little bleeding and then I thought it was lessening, but it didn't!! The day after I went back and saw my Doctor it got heavier and heavier and I had to end up going in for another D&C!

I would say if the bleeding lasts longer than 7 to 10 days go back and see your doctor.

Keep your loved ones around you for support and don't be afraid to cry and grieve whenever you need to as these things take time!

All the best with everything for the future and keep your chin up. I found the hardest thing was going back to work as everyone wanted to know where I had been as I hadn't told anyone I was pregnant! So just be prepared for that if you are in that situation, just something to think about!

Jody, NSW,

now I know why I felt so pregnant. I was 12 weeks when we found out we'd lost the baby at 8 weeks (2 days after our 8 week ultrasound) and we had seen a strong heart beat. I got told that I was feeling sick all the time because it was decomposing. sorry tmi.
but i'm so shocked that they made you wait to have a "miscarriage".
not only are you devastaed that youve lost your baby but then you have to wait to go through the physical pain of it all. Some people have no sympathy at all. It's ok for them they might have to deal with this everyday but for some its our first time and we don't know how to deal with it. grrrr it makes me angry.

it's confusing isn't it and makes it a lot harder to accept! if it wasn't for that sonographer i would never have known why, i thought i was somehow making myself feel that way! i hope next time is better for you xx am sorry for everyone who's lost a baby, it's an awful thing to go through.sad it was hard for my partner to fully comprehend my loss as well as they don't have that same instant bond and connection to them like we do.
Hi Ladies

I have an interesting case, whereby I did a positive preg test in Dec 2010, had a scan in Jan 2011 and babe wasn't growing. Feb scan showed babe had passed. March showed blighted ovum (sac there, but no babe). I had some light bleeding consistently throughout. I then passed some big clots in April/May and thought it was all over.

After no bleeding for 7 weeks, I returned another positive preg test (June 2011)which had my hopes up that I was indeed preg again. But no, my hcg levels hadn't returned to normal (hence the positive test) as there was still blood supply to a little (4cm x 3cm x 1cm) piece of tissue. I was hugely gutted as I thought my body had sorted itself out.

I never had "excessive" bleeding (other than the clots which I was expecting) or cramps, so therefore never thought I needed a D&C. But 6mths of "pregnancy" but no baby was enough! On Friday, I went to ED late morning as getting a gynae appt was impossible, so they put me on their surgery list and I was done that arvo. I am so thankful to the supportive staff and my midwife. I felt a bit nauseous on Saturday, and generally tired, but other than that fine. I had stopped bleeding by Friday night after surgery, (therefore, next to no bleeding!).

The hardest thing is what is deemed "NORMAL". My first MC was completely different - just light bleeding and slightly swollen VG. No cramp. Second time around, still no cramp, bleeding (but nothing massive until the clots). No feeling of sickness with either, or exhaustion. Bizarre!!!!

It isn't easy, on anyone involved. You just do what feels right for you smile I chose to let my body deal with things, and as it turns out, it wasn't the "best" choice as it allowed things to drag on. But I wasn't to know.
We found out on Friday 8th after a week of bleeding and blood tests that i had miscarried , we were due for our 8 week dating scan on the Monday, i then bled for another week and had to go in and have a D&C last Friday. (Which my stupid health care didn't end up covering at a cost of $695!)

Not real sure what i am feeling - goes in waves of im ok, im sad, im angry... This was our first pregnancy and we told everyone we knew as we were just so excited.
Hi everyone,

I had a D&C about 9 days ago and like most others, physically I am ok but emotionally i'm not there at all. I was 12 weeks, 5 days when i went for my 2nd scan and there was no heartbeat. At 8 weeks there was a strong little heartbeat...

I have had very little bleeding since, in fact nothing the past 5 days. My doc gave me the ok to go back to netball which i did yesterday and over night I've had some dark, somewhat heavy bleeding.

Has anyone else experienced bleeding after sport? Netball was the only thing that made me feel like myself hte past week, it was great to take all my emotions out on the court (and my poor player!)

My heart goes out to all of you in a similar really does suck!

Hi, this is the first time i have posted. But have been learning alot from you lovely ladies and your experiences.

I just had my 12 week scan and also found there was no baby and it had died at 7 weeks. I had no idea and no symptoms. I only knew as i was having hcg levels tested and they suddenly dropped at 11 weeks, after still rising every week up until then. Very confusing, and heartbreaking.

I have not been offered a D & C, and have been sent home to wait to pass whats left naturally. I just wanted some of your opinions, because it is hard enough to lose the baby, but now i am waiting for it to be all completed. How long should i be waiting? Is it bad for me to have all that sitting in there?

Its been 4 days since our scan, and its playing on my mind that i just want a D & C, as my body is not making any movements as yet. I haven't had any bleeding at all. So confusing, for first time round.

This is such a great site and support
Hi ladies... sorry to hear that you have all been through this. I went through it too, in 2008. I bled for weeks before having a D&C, and actually became quite ill. I bled lightly after the D&C for about 10 days, then it stopped and I had no more problems from it. It wasn't an easy time, but it's well in the past now and I'm okay with it.

All the best, and sorry to hear about your losses xx

Hi everyone. This is my first post and it's unfortunately not a happy one. Last week we had our 12 week ultrasound and found out our baby had died. I'd had no symptoms and had seen a strong heartbeat previously. We are heartbroken. I had a d&c yesterday. I left hospital with general instructions on how to care for myself after surgery but nothing on what to expect after a d&c. We were in no frame of mind to think to ask and although I'd been told what to expect at the ultrasound I was in shock so obviously don't remember what was said. I am disappointed in the hospital- it was private too so I paid an excess. Anyhow, I have had a little cramping and a small amount if bleeding although it's been more like blood stained discharge- not much at all. Only changing pads cos of cleanliness not out of necessity. Is this normal- I expected more??? Physically I feel fine. Emotionally is another story- but I know it just wasn't meant to be. Would others mind sharing their recovery? TIA.

PS I am sorry for everyone who has experienced this- it's absolutely heartbreaking.doesn't matter how far along u are, it's ur baby and u love it unconditionally.

hi sorry to hear about your loss. I have gone through same thing we lost twin boys. My dates showed 16 weeks but they passed away around the 13 weeks I to had no pain or bleeding. Had a D&C but had blood loss during the procedure. I had light bleeding for about 3 weeks. I did suffer depression for a while, while the hormones were changing but seem to coping just fine, still think of what they would of looked like. I to dont want to go to the dark place again it was so hard to come to terms with. Hospitals should give women and families that go through this contact numbers of a support group so we understand that we are not the only ones that go through it.
I am so so so very sorry for your loss sad GBHs to you both....

I had my D&C in September. I only had a small amount of blood loss after it happened but it did continue on and off for almost 2 weeks which the ob said was normal.

Paula, i bled for weeks and miscarried naturally before being told that I had retained product so had to have the D&C anyway. The entire process took over a month which was so difficult emotionally and physically.

If I ever had to go through it again (touch wood I won't....) I would have a D&C as soon as I found out.

It did take about 10 days from the first bleeding until the actual miscarriage. I was told byt my GP when the scans showed no viable pregnancy that the public hospital would probably make me wait and see if I miscarried naturally but the private would do a D&C whenever I wanted one.
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