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baby died of hyperplastic left heart Lock Rss


I am so so sorry for you loss and the grief you are feeling. I was the same, had never heard of hlhs until finley had it. You don't need to explain yourself either. You did what was right for you and your baby. No one can judge that unless they have been in the situation we we're faced with. I didn't want finley to go through the surgeries either.

Our love for Finley superseded our desire to be her nurturer and allowed us instead to be her protector.
Our strength allows us to suffer the agony of losing her so that she didn't have to suffer the agony of her life.

Little Ayden will be with Finley and all the other little angels in the sky watching over us until we get there to hold them again. I like to think my relatives are holding onto her for me and give her the love she needs until I can be there with her.

I will say, I got pregnant again after finley pretty much straight away, I lost her on the 12 January 2010 and gave birth to a healthy 8pd 12 oz bouncing baby boy on the 27 October 2010. The chances of it happening again are very minimal and you will go on to have another healthy baby if you wish to try again and when you are ready. I probably should have waited, as I still haven't dealt with losing her properly and still have bad days but i am so so happy to have my little man here.

I hated people telling me it was for the best or she wasn't meant to be. It wasn't for the best, her being here and healthy was for the best. Or people saying it will get easier, it doesn't get easier, you just have to learn to accept it because as much as you want too, you cant change what happened.

I wish you and your family and little Ayden all the love and happiness in the world, and when and if you need to talk, please feel free to talk to me, I'll pm you my details.

Some people dream of angels, but we, KC have held them in our arms.
My daughter was just diagnosed with Hypoplastic Left Heart Variation last week. I am based in regional W.A but went to King Eddy in Perth to have it confirmed. We were told that even after 3 surgeries, the first of which would require living in Melbourne from 36 weeks for a few months, she would require a heart transplant anywhere from the age of ten.
I am currently be 22 weeks along and induced this week. I am constantly questioning our decision but after speaking to the specialist I feel it was the fairest.
I had twin girls one of which had hlhs..she was beautiful they were identical we found out at four mths that she had it .I was so upset .they were born march 14 both I took one picture with her and I dint even no it .she was in the niccu right after birth .we visit and I cried almost every time..I held her once and sang to her ..she was perfect..i received a call one night after visiting her,to hear her heart stopped and they were trying to get her to breath..i knew it my baby had died ..I went in to see all the nurses looking at me and a whit flower on the niccu door I collapsed they brought me my baby body .It was the best she had looked since birth ..its so hard im 22 so I could very well try again but I just cant imagine loosing another feels good to talk about it and release thanks for listening
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