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im 14 weeks pregnant, and found out yesterday my baby has gastroschisis.
i know that it is where the baby's bowells form on the outside of there body.
i was wondering if anybody could tell me any more about it.

and also answer these questions.
1. i have bad stomach pain after sex, does this have something to do with my baby having gastroschisis and is it still safe to have sex?
2. is it likely that if i get pregnant again, my other babys could have gastroschisis aswell?
3. will this affect the likliness of me being able to get pregnant again?
4. will gastroschisis affect my babys quality of life?
5. will a baby with gastroschisis be a high dependancy baby?

if you can help me, it would be great.
thankyou to all mums who have helped me previously!
i would stop having sex you have a very high risk of having your baby premature which is a scary and very stressful time (believe me ive had 2 prems), you baby will probably be very small too even if born on time, wont affect your babies quality of live either which is great they will be small for their age though, and he or she will have the surgery just after they're born, you will be able to have more kids, i guess the chance of it happening again may bit a bit higher then someone who has never had a baby with this but doesnt mean it will happen again, good luck hun grin i think you'll do great as a mummy

you next baby most likely WONT have this its not to common and normally only happens once

the fact that my baby will be small for their age doesnt really bother me as i am incredible short myself so it will just seem that the bubs takes after me!
and no, they are definitely doing the surgery while the baby is still in my tummy, not just after its been born.

thanks guys.
good luck hope all goes well for yous grin

I'm sorry i can't help with any of your questions but i just wanted to wish you all the best. A friend of the family had a baby with this condition about 8 years ago now and she was so well cared for and everything turned out fantastic. I'm thinking of you and your precious bub.

thankyou. smile good luck with your pregnancy, all of you.
Hi ya congrats on your pregnancy and i'm sure your dr woulda told you that most babies with this condition have excellent outcomes. (i work in a neonatal unit). I'll ansewr your q's to the best of my knowledge, but the best place to go or phone is your closest hospital with neonatal unit.

1) dunnno, speak to your ob about it
(and incidentally i have looked after some gastroschisis bubs that have been well over 3.5kgs at birth smile)
2) I doubt it.
3) nup
4)shouldnt do - there are risks, but you should make an appointment to speak to a paed surgeon about these or a neonatologist.
5) s/he'll need to spend some time in hospital because when the bowel is touched it kinda goes on strike and the peristaltic movements temporaily stop so they need to start feeds very slowly as not to casue a blockage, so bub will have a drip and a nasogastric tube)Also sometimes they need to leave a bit of the gut out for a day or two, they tuck it up into a bag called a silo so its not too gross, its just cause the gut has swollen up a bit so needs to shrink to fit back in. But dont think this condidtion, generally sppeaking leads to high dependancy babies.

In my state they encourage vaginal deliveries of these babies where possible because their lungs are better for surgery. As the baby is born, so as to keep the intestines as clean and moist as possible, they deliver the head and shouldrs, then as the body comes out they lift it under its arm and poke if feet first into a sterile plastic bag which is tied up under the arm pits. I've even seen one newborn alomst wriggle out of one of these (a couple of times!).
Sometimes they can even do the repair without surgery, it just takes a little longer.

Hope this has helped and not scared you. Good luck and keep us poted!

I had a baby 3 weeks ago with gastroscisis he is still in Nicu not sure how long he will be there but was wondering if their were parents who have been down the same road. He had 1 surgery and it went really well. I don't know anyone else who has had a baby with this condition so we are feeling isolated and would like to hear about other gastroscisis recoveries. Cheers
Greetings all
My darling daughter (now 7), was born with Gastroschisis.
She had life saving surgery only a few hours after she was born to put her entire bowels (the most sensitive organ in the body) inside a tiny 1cm gap. ( I got one tiny cuddle before she went in to surgery, and 6 days later I got my first real cuddle with her). The surgeons managed to do this successfully in one go. The first week was touch and go, and we nearly lost her twice, once being due to the hospital bug. We were in NICU for the first 6 weeks. I finally managed to take her home at 8 weeks. 7 years on, she is one tough warrior Princess!!! Anyway, I have setup a support group for NZ'ers & their families who have been through this, who would like support, advice and to talk to others who understand. THE LINK IS ON FACEBOOK - GASTROSCHISIS SUPPORT NEW ZEALAND. I feel it is vital to set up an awareness for those in New Zealand (or nearby). I was so alone when I went through this and I would love to support others on their journey with gastroschisis smile
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