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Trisomy 13 Dealing with the lose Rss

I am so sorry for the loss of your daughter and that she is not here with you sad Words cannot express the devastation you must feel. My heart goes out to you.
Thank you! xx
Hello there. Hope you are good. I am so sorry to hear about loss. I am all tears. This is so hurtful. Why does God test us from these ways? To have a baby is nothing so marvelous and then we are taken that feeling. I cannot understand how you are coping with this. This is so tragic. I do have to say, my pain is very minute in front of yours. I had 2 m/c’s before I can even give birth. To say this; I was depressed. You, on the other hand, had taken such a hard decision. Do not think for a second that you did wrong or you are alone. I am with you. We all are with you. You did the right thing. To bring such babies in world is not fair to them. They deserve to be like a normal child, yet we gave them a miserable life. IF you would had done the opposite thing; I would had called you selfish. What you really did was selfless. You are an amazing woman. All the best. Clair ..
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