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Conception after Miscarriage & D & C? Lock Rss


Well I'm just here today to see if I can get some answers.. I sadly had a miscarriage over two weeks ago & had to have a D & C, was told by hospital not to have intercourse for 4 weeks, but my GP said it was ok as soon as my bleeding had stopped & I was ready.. Ok, well that has happened.. My big question is, is it safe to concieve again so soon after a MC, it's not that we're trying, but we're not, not trying either. So there's a possibility of it happening, just want to put my mind at ease... So any advice, similar stories would be very helpful to me..

Thanx Chez

Dear Chez,

I had a misscarrage and D&C in dec 06 and was also told by the doctors not to have sex for 4 weeks. When I asked why the doc. told me it is because I would be extremly fertile and they didn't want me to fall pregnant so soon because my body needed time to heal.

The doctor also told me it can take up to 6mths for the hormone levels in the body to regulate.

I'm not one for listening to the doctor, I prefer to listen to my body instead. So my partner and I started to try again straight away after my bleeding had stoped. It took us 10mths but we concieved again and although I have been in a total panic through out this pregnacy things are going fine.

I think the most important thing for you to do is listen to what your body is telling you. If you feel you are ready to conceive again why not go for it? After all no-one knows your body or mind better than you!

Good Luck.
[Edited on 30/04/2008]
i suffered a m/c in nov 07 and i didnt need a d&c i went into shock and dont remember much of what the doctor said other than he was sorry and it was common occurance 1 in 4 and all the rest but either he forgot to mention the waiting period or i wasnt listening anyway my dp were like you and you dp not trying but not not stopping anything from happening, i concieved first cycle after m/c i was worried about the risks to my health and to bubs but my doctor was excellent and told me my body would not of allowed conception unless it was fully healed and accepting of the egg, well im not 18 weeks and loving evey minute of being preg again.

(my doc sent me for weekly bloods and i've had 4 scans so far just to reassure myself and dp)
Hi chez

I had a d/c after iscarriage at 8 weeks... the dr told me to try when I stopped bleeding if I wanted to and after it stopped I never got a period ....I was pregnant with my now 2yold daughter... yes it can happen...
I have had two miscarriages (with a very healthy pregnancy and beautiful baby girl in between). Both times needing a D/C, the most recent one two weeks ago.

My instructions were no intercourse for two weeks, and no getting pregnant until after the first period. I had my check-up today and the Doc said again to wait until after the first period and then we are free to try again.

We are hoping to be lucky enough to have another bubby. Good luck to you as well.
Sorry to hear about your loss.
I had a m/c with my first pregnancy at around 7 weeks, I didn't require a d & c though. I don't recall my GP saying anything about waiting so once the bleeding stopped we thought if it happened it happened, in the meantime I had arranged an appointment with my OBGYN I went and saw him and he told me to wait at least 2 cycles before trying again.
We took his advice and decided we would stop for a few months, little did I know that I was already pregnant and I had concieved that first month, I went on to have a healthy baby daughter with no complications during my pregnancy - So I believe your body knows best!
Good luck smile

[Edited on 07/05/2008]
Hi there,

I too had a miscarriage (missed miscarriage/blighted ovum) earlier this year and had a D&C on the 11th February. Before the procedure I asked the surgeon when we could start trying again and she said that despite lots of medics advising you should wait anything from 2 to 6 months after the proceudure there was no medical evidence to substantiate this.

Therefore she recommended we wait until after my first period post D&C so we could at least track the dates.

I got my next AF on 22nd March and started having incredibly sore breasts about three weeks ago. I held off until last Saturday did a HPT and got a BFP, DP and I are absolutely over the moon but are keeping it to ourselves until we go for a scan on the 30th May as by that time I should be 9-10 weeks and we will be able to see our baby and heartbeat this time if everything is ok.

Deep in my heart I know everything is ok this time as my poor boobs never let up, I am in agony on the treadmill and the morning sickness doesn't know the meaning of morning it's morning, afternoon and night. However I wouldn't change it for the world as my last pregnancy certainly didn't present strong symptoms like this.

My point is (I do have one I promise) is what is meant to be is meant to be and your baby that you miscarried wasn't quite perfect this time. Next time however it will be and you and your partner will be even stronger together after going through this together.

Take care and good luck everything will turn out perfect you you, I just know gasp)
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