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Is it a period or stil m/c bleeding? Lock Rss

Here I am again.....I'm bleeding again after the bleeding from the m/c stopped. I m/c 3 weeks ago. I bled for one week then no bleeding until yesterday, two weeks later. I had a blood test one week after the bleeding stopped to make sure that my progesterone levels were back to zero. I couldn't get back to the Dr until 2 days ago to check my results. My progesterone levels weren't back to zero. They had gone from 7 down to 3. At the time of the Drs visit I had started spotting again, 2 weeks after the bleeding from the m/c stopped. He said not to worry because it was only spotting and that if I start bleeding then it could be that there is some left over from the m/c. I forgot to ask the Dr what to do.

My questions are: could it just be my first period after my m/c? If there is some left over from the m/c then do I just let my body do its own thing and get rid of it by itself? Do I need to have a curette?. I would really prefer not to have a curette. I would prefer that my body sorts itself out if that's possible. Of course, if I'm going to get an infection then I'll have a curette.

I thought it would be at least 4 weeks, maybe longer before I could expect a period again. I have just noticed that today is 28 days since I started bleeding and m/c'd two days later. Has anyone had a first period after m/c so soon?
[Edited on 16/11/2007]

After joining the June thread and then threads in here, here we are again. I started miscarrying 3 weeks ago today, with my bleeding stopping 4 days later. I have been experiencing AF symptoms this week, so wouldn't be surprised if it arrived in the next few days (although I'm secretly hoping I'm pregnant because we've been trying but I don't think so)

My Dr told me that I should only be concerned if I had bleeding accompanied with sharp pains on either side which could mean an ectopic pregnancy, otherwise it will probably be my period.

Of course never having been through this before, I asked my Dr how long before I get AF and she said it would be a few weeks, but everybody is different. I certainly wasn't expecting my body to recover so quickly thinking that it may be 2-3 months before AF resurfaced.

Anyway, I would suggest going back to your Dr if you don't feel right about anything, but I hope this has helped you a little.


Thanks Melissa. I ended up in Emergency last night because the bleeding got really heavy, heavier than my worst period. They took bloods to see if I was still pregnant and did a scan to see if there was anything left. Nothing left, lucky, really didn't want to have a curette if I could help it. It also looks like this is just my first period after m/c. He did say that if I started showing any signs of infection - high temperature, loss that isn't blood - then I should go straight back to Emergency. So, hopefully this really is just my first period and we can get back to TTC in a couple of weeks.
Hope you get a BFP, not AF this month. How great would it be to get a BFP straight away?

You poor thing, I hope it's your first AF too. Nobody said this trying to have a baby business would be so difficult, it really does suck at times.

When you had an u/s at the time of your m/c did they say everything had come away? When I had mine I was told there was no sign of a sac & they did an internal scan as well and said there didn't look to be anything left ( I hope they were right).

By my feelings today, I'm sure I'm going to get AF, but it wouldn't really worry me if I did because then I'd know my body is getting back to normal. As much as my Dr said there was no dramas about trying before my first cycle or falling pregnant, I feel better knowing they'll be able to date it properly when I do fall.

Anyway, I hope you're feeling better soon and that it doesn't knock you around too much more, goodness knows you don't need it. PM me if you feel like chatting more.


Well it appears that this is my first AF after m/c. I had a pelvic ultrasound and an internal ultrasound and they showed nothing left. I had a blood test and my progesterone levels were back to zero. The bleeding was very very heavy on Friday but has slowed down now just like a normal period. Of course I am even more exhausted from continual blood loss over the past few weeks but that should improve. I am feeling much better today but I still plan on spending the day on the couch so that I have energy for the kids next week. At least now I can get back to TTC.

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