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How long should I wait until I TTC after m/c? Lock Rss

I had a m/c 2 weeks ago. I hear different things about how long I should wait until I start TTC again. Should I give my body a break and wait one cycle, or more until we TTC again? Is there any reason I should not TTC in my first cycle after m/c? I feel like I'm ready to try again but worry about my chances of m/c again if I conceive in this cycle.

I'm so sorry to hear about your loss.

I TTC on my second cycle after my 1st m/c. I fell pregnant but m/c again. It was v v sad and i was still in denial about the 1st one so it all hit me at once. But it meant i got some tests done which indicated an immune system problem which i had to try and fix before TTC again. So after m/c #2 i waited 6 months before TTC. It took me another 12 months to conceive but had a healthy baby girl. And this time i fell pregnant first cycle.

My friend fell pregnant 1st cycle after her m/c and d&c so didn't know what her LMP was so dating the rpegnancy was hard. But she is 22 weeks now, and doing well.

If you've already got 2 kids, hopefully that means you don't have an underlying recurring problem like me and will be fine next pregnancy. If it was me I'd wait at least 1 month so i knew my cycle was back to normal. But everyone is different and its up to you....

Good luck!
Firstly, so sorry to hear of your loss.

I think most Dr's would tell you to wait until you have had at least 3 normal periods before TTC. That way you are giving your body (womb especially) time to fully heal. I miscarried at 13 weeks and was devastated and could not wait to start trying again but I listened to my Dr's advice, waited the three months and now have a beautiful little girl.
I think if you dont give yourself time to physically and emotionally heal, you have a higher chance of miscarriage. I also think too that it depends on how far along you were with your pregnancy when you m/c. The further along, the more time you should wait. Good luck with everything.


I am so sorry for your loss. I didn't have a miscarriage so I don't know if the advice I was given will be relevant. I lost our litle boy at 39 weeks. Because we couldn't find a reason for our loss the three specialists that I have seen have said that there is no physical reason to wait before ttc. If your body is not ready than the embryos will just not implant. They all said that ttc straight away will not increase the chance of the same thing happening. Like I said I don't know how different it is for miscarriages. I hope you are pregnant again soon. XXX
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Thanks for all your replies. I'm not TTC this month but wasn't sure what would happen if I did fall pregnant so soon. Although the odds are that in the month that I'm NOT trying it will actually happen! LOL!

I had my first m/c on Wednesday and saw my dr today - she said to wait one or two cycles and to use protection in the meantime. I feel raring to go now (well, except for my period still being there after the m/c sorry tmi!)and cannot wait to be pregnant again! I was only 5 weeks along, but those 5 days of knowing I was pregnant were the happiest I have ever had!

Best of luck to you xxxx
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