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Pleased help, I'm scared of losing this baby too Lock Rss

I'm currently 8 wks pregnant and when i had a scan on Tuesday (i was 7 1/2 wks pregnant at the time) to confirm dates, there was a heartbeat there (i saw it) but it was faint. I am having another scan this coming Thursday to check everythings ok. If the heartbeat was faint when i had my last scan, does it mean that something will go wrong and that i will lose it or is it going to be ok and live. I had a stillbirth 4 mths ago and don't think I'd be able to handle it if I lost this beautiful baby.
Good luck, I hope everything turns out OK. I kind of know how you are feeling. I lost a baby at 13 weeks and was devastated, so I have no idea how it must have been for you to have a stillbirth. With my next pregnancy I started bleeding at 10 weeks and I totally lost it, thinking I was going to miscarry again, and there was no hope. But I went for a scan and everything was fine. I now have a lovely wee girl.
Have you had any other signs of m/c - bleeding, cramping?
Try and stay positive - hard to do I know - unfortunately no-one can predict what is going to happen. To be honest, I think at 7-8 weeks, the scan is not very accurate anyway because the baby is so small - it may be perfectly normal for the heartbeat to be faint. Did you ask the radiographer about it?
I have my fingers crossed for you xxx


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