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I think I am ready !! Lock Rss

Hi ladies ...I havnt been in here posting in a long time !!

I lost my bub at 13 weeks in May ,after that I was in here a lot posting my feelings all the time ...then I was always so desparatly sad so I had to stop for a while (I am a born runner and I had to hide for a while to collect my thoughts) then I came back and have been reading everybodys posts since then ...I am so sorry for everybodsy losses it is truely the most empty feeling I have ever felt !!

so now it will be my babies due date on teh 16th of December adn I think I am ok !! I think of my baby every single day with out fail MIL told me that 40 years ago she lost two babies and every night before she gos to bed she blows a kiss to heaven to say goodnight to her little ones not strong enough to make it ,this is advise I took on board and it just makes me sleep much more peacefully !!I just dont think I am as sad and confussed as I once was ...this for me was not a gradual process ..I just woke up one day and I thought " I dont think I have cried for my baby this week !!!!"so now I think it is time for me to move on on the 16th of December my hubby and I are going to plant a native plant in our garden,say a prayer adn I think I will be done .

I am no where near the point where I want to have another one.but the idea dosent seem so scary and way off !!

I jsut want to say to all the ladies out there that are feeling alone and empty ...go with it !! there is light at the end of the tunnell and you wont always feel like this will always remember your angel but it wont always hurt this much

I wish you all the very best of luck and hope allyour dreams come true

look after yourselves and each other !!

I understand where you're coming from in a way. We've been TTC#03 for a while now and I had a m/c a couple of weeks ago. I find there are days when I keep coming back to this forum, almost as if I'm looking for answers to my m/c and/or why I haven't conceived this month. I have to make myself take a break or I can become a bit obsessed with it all. I'm glad you can see the light at the end of the tunnell. Good luck with it all.

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