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I am 7 weeks, this is my first pregnancy. I have been spotting for the last 3 weeks. On Tuesday I had an internal scan and I saw the egg sack sitting very low in my uterus and there was lots of blood around it. Later that day I started bleeding, I rung the Dr and he said see how I go and come back on Wed next week for another scan to see if the egg sack is any bigger. Since then every afternoon I get heaps of painful cramps then I bleed heavy for about 2 or 3 hours then I go back to spotting for the rest of the day and night. Then it starts again the next day. Since this bleeding has started I have only passed one clot, and it wasn't very big, but I have passed a few clots over the past last 3 weeks while spotting, so I don't know if the clot I passed today means anything. Am I having a miscarriage? I am so confused, I don't want to believe that I am, but deep down I feel that my worst fears are coming true.
im not sure what it could be, alot of women bleed and pass clots and have pain with it but baby is fine.
though every time thats happened to me ive miscarried.
i think you should try to get an earlier ultrasound because if you have miscarried (i truely hope not) then you want to make sure its all out as soon as possible to avoid infection.

i hope its all ok and just a build up of blood and stuff thats comming out.
Hi Jennylee

The key is to be able to reassure youself that your baby is still alive.....I would suggest getting a scan sooner than Wednesday for your own peace of mind. Most dr's are v blase about miscarriage cos they know that there is nothing at all they can do to save a m/c. So they don't see the point in constant reassurance. But you can insist on a scan. You need their support and are v scared so need their help.

When you do get a scan, ask if they can see a heartbeat onscreen. By about 7 weeks you should be able to see the heartbeat onscreen - its a tiny flicker within the sac. If you see that, you can relax somewhat as that is a good sign.

But even if the scan goes well, you will be anxious for some time. Try and relax - whether that means resting at home, or getting out and about...whatever works for you.

I had 2 m/c before my DD, so always assumed that bleeding meant m/c. If it makes you feel any better.....I've had heavy bleeding thru this pregnancy (from 10-11 weeks and then again from 12-14 weeks) and touchwood everything is still OK. I had a massive, huge blood clot inside my uterus - it was half the size of my uterus at 10 weeks, and i still have a remainder of it squished in there! I was sure i was miscarrying. But i am now almost halfway and feeling lots of kicks.

I hope it all works out for me if you want to chat.
i would see if you can get into a dr, alot of people do bleed and all is ok but with me when i bleed i miscarriage, try and stay positive and see if you get an early scan and dr app. i hope all is ok and thinking of you

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