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ttc how long Lock Rss

hi i was just wondering how long it took to get pregnant after your m/c's i am finding it all realy stressful and find i get really upset every month when af arrive any advice would be helpful
Hi missyc

my heart goes out to you, its a tough time you're going thru. To answer your q - after my 1st m/c i fell pregnant next attempt. But unfortunately that ended in m/c too, so i had 2 pregnancies and lost 2 babies within 6 months.

After the second one, i was so devastated we took a 6 month break before trying again. But then it was 12 months of TTC before i fell pregnant (and i had started taking clomid and conceived on the first cycle). So in all it was 18 months after my 2nd m/c before i conceived. Although every month it was v tough to get AF, i think for me there was a small amount of relief cos i was so scared of another m/c. When i did finally fall pregnant with DD i was ready, and although i was scared my pregnancy was a textbook one with no probs. Now i have an almost 12 month old and almost halfway to having another!

It can and will happen for you....just hang in there. Good luck, and i hope it all works out for you.
hi claire
thankyoufor your reply that's a pretty scary thought iv'e heard alot of people say they have had more than one m/c 6 to 12 mnths is a long time i am just wondering how long i should wait before going to see a gyno about it
thanks again take carexx
Hi, I'm so sorry you had a m/c its never an easy thing to cope with and can take so much out of you. I had a M/C in early 2003 I was 10 weeks with my 2nd pregnancy when it happened, I went through a terrible time with this M/C having to have 2 x D&C procedures before I felt right again, then I had to go on the mini pill for 2mths to get my body back to normal and have a normal cycle again, then after that we started trying again and 3mths later I fell pregnant again and this time went on to have a healthy little boy and just last year i had another baby boy with no problems. But even when I was first pregnant I was very worried with both pregnancies after the M/C that it would happen again so I was never relaxed until after the 10 week time as that is when the M/C happened my dr was great though she sent me for a scan and did regular HCG level tests to show all was going well and that I didn't need to worry but it is hard.
Sometimes your body just needs a bit of a break afterwards as I've heard of a few ladies that have fallen in the next cycle after their M/C have often gone on and M/C again.
Goodluck and I hope you can fall again soon with no problems and go on to have a lovely healthy baby.


How long you wait before seeing a gyno is up to you....after my 2 m/c my gp didn't want to do any tests or give me a referral to a gyno as he said i would be fine next pregnancy (he worked on a common misbelief that women can handle 3 m/c before getting help). but i was too upset and anxious to listen so saw another gp (the new guy was not a bulk biller so i had to pay a bit to see him but wwas worth it) and he gave me a referral to a great gyno. That was just before we started ttc. So i had a good gp and gyno supporting me all the way thru my TTC efforts. and the gyno was a fertility specialist attached to one of the local fertility clinics. he was great, initially i had a whole heap of blood tests done, and later on he did an xray. and when we were ready to go to the next level he explained the options and we decided on clomid.

sometimes gps are pretty hopeless at referrals, especially in situations like ours and if you are young. i was 28 at the time but my original gp said i had heaps of time to ttc. Go see another gp if you don't get the answer you want.

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