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Not sure how to cope with the waiting. Lock Rss

I lost my son at 39 weeks about twelve weeks ago now. I know it is different for everyone but I want desperately to be pregnant again. Not to replace Lucas but just because I know now more than ever that all I want is to be a mum. But the waiting is agony. The doctors have told me that I should wait until I get at least two periods but I haven't even had my first yet and have had blood tests that show I am not even close. Is it normal that I haven't had a period yet (after twelve weeks)? I am trying to keep myself busy and try not to think about it but it so hard. I just want to bring a little baby home to love the way I didn't get to with our first little boy. I miss Lucas so much and would give anything to change what happened. I just don't know how we are supposed to get through something like this. Especially since the one thing that we know will help is still so far away. At this rate it will still be at least three months before I am pregnant again, and that is only if I can fall pregnant.
I'm sorry for your loss. Perhaps your body is still getting rid of all those pregnancy hormones? I know it takes me up to three months, sometimes four months, before my hair starts to fall out after I have a bub. Hair starts to shed as the body gets rid of pregnancy hormones. Girls who breastfeed and have no period can still fall pregnant so is it possible that you're ovulating already? Did you ask the Dr why you should have two periods before you fall pregnant again? Good luck TTC again.

My sister gave birth to her beautiful daughter Tiana who was born sleeping at 39 weeks aswell in june this year.she was told at her 6 weeks check up that everything was ok to start tring again but she would like to wait untill next year she is still very scared.she did bleed for two weeks after Tiana so her check up was a clear.but everyone is different i hope you become preg soon and i wish you the best of luck.xox
Hi there,
I am sorry to hear of you loss, There is a thing you can buy from the heath food shop called vernex I think it brings on your peroid and regualtes things.

best wishes
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Thanks everyone. Since last posting my cycles have started again We have also spoken to different obstetricians and they told us that physically there is no reason for us to wait like we were told originally. It is a relief to know that we don't have to wait for ever before being pregnant again. We actually decided to start trying straight away (will know in 11 days if it has worked this cycle). I am feeling a lot of emotions. Really sad that I don't have Lucas with me and that we are here again. A little excited about the idea of being pregnant again (which only a month ago I never thought I would be). And really scared for many many reasons. But I guess that the desire to have another baby outways the fear. And if I can bring a baby home it will all be worth it. This is all too hard! and unfair!
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