Hi all,

First of all, sorry for my late reply. I haven’t logged in for few days. Thanks for your messages.

True. Every time I goes to the toilet, I wish the bleeding will be finished soon. And everything can start over again.

I’m seeing another gynecologist on Thursday. I hope I’ll have a better luck this time smile

Best wishes to all of you!

Posted by: Bel*13
I found out on Thurs (1/11/07) that I was 4wks, 3 days along with our first - I was so excited! My happiness didn't even last a week. I started bleeding (brownish, though possibly implantation bleed, so was not overly concerned)on the Sunday (4/11) and Cup day (Tues 6/11) I was curled up all day with cramps like I was getting my period. I was in tears and chanting to myself 'do not panic, do not panic' but I think deep down I knew something wan't right. The next day I was at work, noticed that the bleeding was getting a little heavier and brighter. Just before luch I went to the toilet and passed a clot (I don;t want to give TMI but lets just say I had a good look at it didn't look right!). My boss took me straight to the hospital, they checked my HCG - on the Monday it was 171, on Wednesday it had dropped to 137. My baby was gone.

SO! Right now I am at the point where I am a finely balanced ball of emotion. My logical side know that it happened for a reason blahblahblah, but my emotional side is alternating between grief, anger and wanting to try again asap (though the quack says to wait one or two cycles). Am still bleeding, like I have my period, almost a week later. Sar dr today and she didn't seem at all concerned. Have to go again next week to check HCG is still declining - Feel absolutely certain that all has worked through my system and it is all clear... certainly have that empty feeling that I saw some of you mention in earlier posts.

THis having a baby gig is tough...but still... bring on round 2 - I want a baby more than ever and this process has brought me and my partner even closer together. So if nothing else, it has made us more in love and more determined than ever to have children...

Best of luck and love to you all xxx