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Bleeding after miscarriage Lock Rss

I have recently had my first miscarriage at 6 weeks. I have been to the Dr and he said to have another blood test once I have stopped bleeding for one week to check that my HCG levels are back to zero. That way I know that everything has come away. Can someone tell me how long I can expect to bleed for? How heavy should the bleeding be? When can I expect my first normal period? Anything else I should expect physically? Thanks in advance.

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hi ladies i am sorry to hear of your loss

i had a missed m/c and d and c on the 1st aug i was bleeding for two weeks after and then had spotting for another week after that and the whole time also had cramping but that was because the gyno said i had an infection i never got my first af til 9 and half wks later i know it all can be a very upsetting and stressful time take care of yourself.

big hugs
No, I didn't need a D&C. I only m/c 4 days ago but the bleeding is still very heavy. I am still getting mild cramps too. It's just so physically draining.


I am in the same position as all of you. I am so sorry for your losses. I had bleeding & cramping on Friday at 6 weeks pregnant. Dr told me it would probably get heavier over this weekend, which it hasn't but am passing clots when I go to the toilet, nothing on a pad though. I have an ultrasound tomorrow morning, so am hoping that my body is clearing itself out. I have never gone through this before, and preg#1 with DD was perfect and she was a healthy 9lb 1oz. I never thought this would happen to me. It makes me wonder if I even want to TTC again. I have a happy, healthy daughter & don't really want to go through this again. You're right KB it is draining, I feel tired & sometimes get a bit dizzy when I stand up, and I don't have much of an appetite.

Hi Mel, thought you'd like to know I am starting to feel physically better today. I miscarried on Wednesday last week after three days of heavy bleeding and painful cramping. I have spent the past four days feeling like all I could do is sleep. Yesterday I spent the day on the couch doing nothing because I had no energy. But today, the bleeding is lighter and I feel normal again. I am hoping that by tomorrow I will feel even better still. I hope you start to feel better soon too. I did notice that once I had miscarried I felt empty inside, not in my heart (although there too) but inside where the baby had been. I suppose that's just because I finally stopped cramping. If you think about it those cramps are just small contractions so I guess that's why they're painful and tiring. I never thought I would miscarry. I have had two healthy pregnancies, I have never had any problems carrying babies, I am healthy, don't smoke or drink too much, exercise regularly, took my folate tablets for months. Maybe it was just meant to be. Hopefully my body sorts itself out soon and we can start trying again next cycle. Good luck with your TTC. Hope you feel better about TTC again soon.
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Sorry to bring this up, but wondering if anyone can help me, Ive had spotting of red blood in my mucus since tuesday. It was only in the morning and nothing for the rest of the day (only saw it if i wiped myself). But today its been a bit more consent, although feel heavy below, not cramping. Just wondering if this is the start of one? I have a docs appointment on tuesday, but if this persists i will try to get in tomorrow.
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About 8wks, ringing my gyno today to see him, if that doesn't work I will be going to the hospital. Wish it was 9am now so i could ring and get seen too. Bleeding hasn't got any heavier this morning, about the same
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Am feeling better today. Had an u/s this morning and there's no sign of the sac so am hoping that I will continue to go through this naturally. Bleeding is still not heavy, just clots in the toilet, hopefully the cramping is gone, although that hasn't been constant either. I agree KB with the empty feeling. I definitely knew when it was all over, I didn't feel pregnant anymore. As I was walking in to the hospital this morning there were 2 mums taking their new babies home, that was weird & I think seeing new babies will be for a while. I will definitely be thinking about it all in June, when I would have been due. Hopefully by then I'll be well into a healthy pregnancy. My dr today told me that by having one m/c the likelihood of having another one is no greater than anyone else who hasn't had one. That made me feel a bit better, and I keep telling myself it could be worse. Much better at 6wks than 6mths and having to go through a stillbirth.

Melissa, sorry to hear what you are going through. I had my first miscarriage a few weeks ago. I would have been around 5-6weeks. Mine started as heavy bleeding with some period-like cramping on the Sunday night. I got up about 15 times through that night and found it was going in a cycle of pink, red, brownish then nothing. I'd think it had stopped then it would start again. I didn't really ever pass any clots but had a few chuncky stringy bits over the Monday.

I saw my GP on the Tuesday and she did an internal - said the cervix was closed and thought that was a good thing. I then went for an ultrasound on the Wednesday (by which time I was only have bits of brown blood when I wiped) and they said it was either too early to see or I had miscarried. I had a blood test on Wed arvo and another on Friday. Went back to the GP on Saturday to see my HCG levels were 9 on the Wed and 3 on the Friday. So my GP was confident my body had expelled it all on it's own. A level of 2 is considered not pregnant.

It was a torturous week as I had read so much on hear about ladies and how their MCs were a lot of bleeding and bad cramping. I don't think mine was even as bad as a normal period.

Anyway I got a BFP again on Saturday so I'm seeing the GP tomorrow. Had alittle spotting last night so the nerves are running high!

I originally thought when I mc'd that I didn't want anymore. Then I realised I was still counting how pregnant I would have been and realised I wanted to be counting how pregnant I am again. So we had another crack at it!

I think though if this one doesn't work out we'll take a break for a few months at least and see where my head and body are at. I honestly never ever thought I would miscarry. It's scary but until I started paying attention to people's stories on here I would never have guessed how common it really is.

Anyway I hope your body sorts itself out soon!
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