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Im not sure that Im in the right forum, did put it in pregnancy too. Just wondering if anyone has been through this situation?

My friend went for her first scan (7wks) and the dr was concern that it was a bit small in measurement(had a heartbeat). So she was sent for a blood test that arvy and was found that the hcg level was not close in doubling levels (already had a blood test wk 4&5 and was doubling nicely). Example, wk 5 was 980, but wk 7 was only 1580.

Does this mean there is something wrong with the baby or that a miscarriage is likely to happen.

[Edited on 25/10/2007]
Sorry, I don't really know, but I hope everything goes well.

Ava May 18/11/05 & Rori Elaine (stillborn) 6/8/07

Hi, I don't know what the suggested increase in HCG levels are so am not sure whether 1580 is good or not. I must be honest doesn't seem as big an increase as you'd expect.

Can your friend speak to her doctor again if she is concerned?.....Or seek another doctor if hers is not helpful? Also, she should be able to request a follow up scan in a couple of weeks just to put her mind at ease. Often its simply a timing issue...maybe her dates are out by a week or so.

I had 2 m/c before my daughter, and know how devastating it is and how you want to do whatever you can to protect and save your baby. This is my 4th pregnancy, and i spent 5 weeks in the throes of a "threatened miscarriage" and had lots of bleeding. I was told to "sit tight" and wait and see. Fortunately baby has been strong and has hung on, and everything has been OK since.

Even if there is a risk of miscarriage, sadly there is nothing your friend can do to prevent it. Unfortunately all she can do is wait and see. I hope it all works out for her.

PM me if you want to talk more.
I agree with Claire
Sadly, at this point it is a wait and see game.
I've had more failures than successes with pregnancies. It is devastating seeing a heartbeat knowing your child is alive and then losing it for resons unknown.
Either way be there for your friend
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