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Scared but TTC again after 3rd loss Lock Rss

My husband and I are just starting to TTC again. I had a m/c 3 months ago and feel ready physically to give it another go. My history so far is:
M/C (11 wks)
Ectopic (6wks)
Baby Boy (15 months old now)
M/C (9 wks)

I sooo want to be pregnant again but part of me is just soo friggin scared of how my husband and I would cope if we had to go through a 4th loss. I suppose the desire to have another baby is stronger than the fear of trying. All I know is that when I get pregnant I never want to have to go to the toilet to have a pee (ha ha sorry trying to look at the funny side of things)... I hate that fear everytime of "Is there any blood?"

Well my heart and prayers goes out to all of you who have suffered loss or are experiencing it right now. All the very best of luck to you all... Fingers crossed aye!!

i know how you feel, its so scarey falling pregnant again after a loss and i always check the toilet paper when i go right up untill i have the baby. every little niggle i get i analise (sp?) and freak out about but unfortunately its out of your hands, whatever happens happens, you have had a baby so your chances are still 50/50 like everyone else.
because you have lost 3 have you been for tests to see why this may be happening? i had to have blood tests before concieving my 4th baby bacause i had lost 2 already.
if you havent been for any tests it may be worth seeing your gp before concieving.
good luck, i hope you get your baby. xoxoxo.
Hi There I know exactly how you are feeling. My History so far: [list]m/c 5 weeks August 06[/list] [list]m/c 5 weeks October 06[/list] [list]m/c 5 weeks January 07[/list] [list]m/c 5 weeks May 07[/list] Am currently about 5 weeks pregnant now, however my urine tests have gone from 2 extremely pink lines (24 October) to 1 very pink and 1 very faint pink line. Woke up Sunday morning just not feeling pregnant anymore. No more sore boobs, no nausea etc. But when I had my preg test done at doctors on Monday it came back as positive with HCG of 47. Have to have another BT tomorrow so we will see what happens. Everyone tries to tell you to remain positive, but it is so bl**dy hard when you have been through 4 miscarriages already. The doctors have ran tests on me and my DH but so far nothing is coming up showing anything wrong. Sorry for the rant!! Good luck when you do start trying again. Ange

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