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Please help me!! Rss

i just want my baby out NOW!!!
i have been having bad braxton hicks everyday since 37 weeks. i am now 41 weeks and 2 days and i am so over it! i feel so tired all the time now and i feel it takes a lot of effort just to walk to the other end of the house. i have tried so many things but nothing so far has worked.
i have tried long walks, hot baths, curries, sex, stretch and sweep, and even castor oil which seemed to have no effect on me besides a funny tummy for about 20 minutes. i feel this child will be living inside of me forever! If anyone has any suggestion please tell me!

Ellen, Vic, Lexi 3 yrs and Emily 12 mths

Does your Ob have a plan to induce you? Having said that, this baby will come eventually. I don't know of anyone who has had their first birthday party in utero! Good luck.

Have you tried Rasberry Leaf can get it from health food shops.
I dont know if it actually had anything to do with it,but i was about a week overdue with my baby and i tried the Rasberry Leaf tea and sure enough i had him the next day. they say that it relaxes the cervix...i had a really easy labour - 1st baby and it really wasnt that bad...he was born 7 pounds, and i didnt need any stiches.
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