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Waiting, waiting, waiting...! Lock Rss

Hi All,

Can't sleep and not sure if anybody else is online but thought I might vent a bit as I'm positive that sleeping hubby is sick of hearing me whinge!

39 weeks today, and looking out for any possible twinge or sign that labour might be on its way. Have had regular period pain and backache in the past week, but has amounted to nothing. Dammit!

Can't get comfy in bed even though I'm tired and listless. Feel like a whale and honestly can't be bothered to make the effort to do anything! Just want the big day to arrive!!

I've always known I was impatient, but never knew I was this bad... I think it's more the 'not knowing' that's killing me. If I knew that bub was going to arrive on 'x' date, then I think I could manage to motivate myself till then. But all I've been thinking is that it 'could be any day now' and it feels like that's the only thought that's rumbling round my head - 24/7.

Is this normal? Does it get easier the 2nd time round?? I'd like to have 4 kids but considering the way I'm feeling right now, I might change my mind!

Anyway, if anybody else is in the same boat pls feel free to write! smile


Hi There,
I am due tomorrow and having been feeling like you are now for about 2and a 1/2wks.
I am having my third and so I guess it doesn't get easier with each pregnancy. I have a 2yr old and an almost 4year old and they keep me physically busy, but mentally all I think about at the moment is when is this buibs going to arrive.
Every cramp, every backache...I get excited and look at the clock, I time them, get excited, then they die off. It's been the same for nearly 3 weeks.
Anyway as much as I want her now I know she will come when she's ready and not a minute before.....still I wait and wait.
Sorry this probably just made you feel worse, but don't let this end part of such a wonderful experience put you off more kids, because I guaruntee that as soon as you hold your beautiful bubba you will forget all the waiting, all the aches and pains, and will want to do it over again in a heartbeat.
Good Luck for your birth...Take it easy and go shopping or have coffee dates with friends etc...try to keep busy.
Mel smile

Mel, SA, Jayden 10/02, Harley 08/04, Zoe 09/06

I was due yesterday and like you have been feeling this way for a few weeks. Every ache and pain I hold my breath and hope that its going to get worse or that its going to be the start of labour. This is my first too and now that the date I have been counting down to has passed I feel lost. I just really want to meet my little bean and begin this new experience.
Iam studying full-time and had to take the last 2 weeks off becasue of high blood pressure and so 2 weeks with nothing to distract me...well you can imagine the thoughts swimming around. Its easy enough to say distract yourself but when you have very little to do, and most people have day jobs its hard to get out of the house.
And dont even get me started on sleeping...hehehe, my partner has had enough of me too I just toss and turn all night, in between toilet stops. Anyway I hope all goes well for you, I will be here ever waiting if you want to chat, email me...

Thanks I think I needed to vent all that out...
Good luck, Ange

Axel Neville, born 28th sept.

it's horrible isn't waiting, i was a week late with my first and went insane, finally i was induced but i had to wait for the doc's phone call which took 2 days and i'm sure i only moved from the phone to go to the loo..Then it took another 12hrs for him to induce me after i got to hosiptal, they were waiting to see if i went natural.....
This time round i'm only 27 weeks and already going insane and this bubs is due x-mas day..i'm only wishing that x-mas comes around as fast as it does other only advise which i bet everyone has given you and is sooooo hard to do.. is take is time to rest.... read a book, write a letter.... to your new bubs...... or to do the opposite walk walk walk, spring clean, get out and move around .....this could just hurry bubs up a little...
Good luck...... all us mums to b are with u..............

3 year old, 7 week old

Hi! I hear ya! I'm in the same boat too, feel like i'm losing the plot! startin to wish i was still at work (if nothing but to keep my mind occupied) i keep thinkin too is this it? is today the day? was thinking that if i could get around a bit better i'd be out and about rather than sittin round waiting! (bubs is pressin on nerves makin it excruciatingly hard to walk) i know it won't be long for us all!!!! (ha just thought doesn't those words just make you want to scream!!)

take heed you aren't alone!

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