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Hi girls!!

I was due 29/08, but nothing so far.
And as much as I've had enough and want my baby NOW, I'm still very scared of giving birth itself....
So, I thought I'd start this topic and hopefully get some kind words to "ease me through it"......



Sophia Aliane and Jade Lola

Hi Aline,
Wow firstly how exciting that you will be having your bubs very soon. Birth itself isn't that scarry, I think it's the thought of the unknown that scares most of with our first we are scared because we don't know what the pain will be like, and with our second we don't know if it will be like the 1st or quicker/slower, or when we will go into labour. So everyone has fears, but I think you will find that once you go into labour, you will be so excited and focused that your fear will subside.
I found that with my 1st 2 labours Breathing helped...I know that sounds so cliche but really, everytime I had a contraction (the strong painful ones) I just got in the zone and closed my eyes and breathed thru it, even the midwife kept saying she couldn't believe how good I was doing, because she could see on the monitor how bad they were and I was just silent except for my breathing. It's also good to try and remember throughout that all of the contractions are what actually helps your bubs out and without them they couldn't get out without a DR's Help.

Try to get as much rest as you can between now and labour......A nice night in with hubby/partner and some takeaway and a DVD should relax you enough, and you never know it may just start labour if your relaxed enough.
Take it easy and don't stress this is the most amazing thing you will do in your life and an experience like no other.....a magical wonderful time that only a mother can do.

Good Luck. Mel x

Mel, SA, Jayden 10/02, Harley 08/04, Zoe 09/06

Aline, Congratulations

Birth is very daunting to most mothers I think, Its all unexpected, even if you have had a baby before the next is COMPLETELY differant so its all scary but when it all starts to happen its not that bad as your mind isnt on how scary it is but oh that one hurt and as long as you have someone you trust and love with you it makes it much easier. Your bosy does all the work without your mind having any say, think about what makes you the most comfortable and try using that as your main focus, Once the birth is over you will see that is was worth every little pain and worry you had once your holding your brand new little bundle of joy.

Birth scars everyone as its the un expected but you will do fine and as long as you have support to encourage you when your tired you'll do wonderfully. Congratulations and good luck, you'll know when it happens its unmissable. Relax as best you can.

Belly rubs

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