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labour starting or not? Lock Rss

hey there

im just becuming lil concerned not reali sure bout da hole thing....

im 37 wks n think i started ta dilate hav bn having wot i wood still believe ta be braxton hicks..

well i dnt no tht im making much sense here lol preg brain smile

think i started ta dilate n well cood it b labour very slow start of ???? i dnt think theres bn a show n any waters breaking is clearly sumtin i wood hav missed....
yep just concerned if waters r broken about infection

thanks girls ur advice wood do me wonders .. no im worried bout nutin im sure
I'm pretty sure that once your waters have broken, they keep trickling out slowly over time, so mayby keep an eye on your knickers and see if they become a bit wet after an hour or more????
With my 1st 2 labours my waters were brocken just before I delivered by the midwives as they never broke on their own when labour started. So i've never had to even look for leaks.
If your pain get's worse over time and doesn't subside, I would ring midwife to be safe. I think even if your water breaks they can still make you go about a week before they induce you if labour doesn't start on it's own.
Anyway let us know how you get on and if labour does start or not......Good Luck.
Mel smile

Mel, SA, Jayden 10/02, Harley 08/04, Zoe 09/06

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