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Hi All,

Well I am sick and tired of being pregnant and want to see my little man ASAP. I started drinking raspberry leaf tea last night (quite nice tasting too), but was wondering if anyone else had tried this to get themselves into labour and if it worked or not. I have been trying the old tried and true methods, such as nipple stimulation and sex, but I am finding sex a little uncomfortable as bub's head is in my pelvis. I am 38 weeks on Friday and would dearly love to see my little chappy by the weekend.

I am also thinking of asking the midwives if they will do a membrane sweep to try and bring me on.

It is just so hard now for me to sleep, as for one it is uncomfortable and two I am getting up to pee at least 4 times during the night, because of the pressure.

It would be great to here your feedback guys. I know it seems like I am being impatient, but I was told I would never make it to 36 weeks and I am still going.

Hi Jo
Ive only got 12 days to go (well really 11.5 days as todays almost over) & for the past week I have tried everything from star jumps ( not a good look) to Raspberry Leaf Tea. The only thing I have read & not tried is falling down the stairs ( think I'll skip that one) & the only thing Ive got so far is really STRONG braxton hicks pains sad Im now at the conclusion bub is either NEVER going to pop out or will come ONLY when he's ready.
Best wishes & hope you have more luck than I have had xxx
Hi Jo,
With my 2nd I started drinking the tea from 36weeks, as my midwife said, it will not bring on labour, but make contractions more effective, and shorten labour.
This time I have been drinking it (2cups a day)since 29weeks as it's safe in 3rd trimester. I am now 35+ weeks and still drinking abour 4-5 cups a day. So keep drinking it as it does help with labour, but to actually bring on labour, try long walks up hills, and squats, every hour for about 5-10 mins or as much as you can handle.
Get some lavender oil (must be pure) and have a nice hot bath (not too hot) with about 5 or more drops in it. This can help ripen cervix.
Sex you are already having, but if you aren't already I suggest trying to lie on your back, or at least alomst on your back with a pillow under your pelvis to tilt it up, keeping the sperm in there for at least 30mins-1hr after in tercourse or as long as you can stay comfy. The more times you do this, the more ripe you cervix will become.
Pineapple and lots of it may help ripen cervix.
But I reckon the good old Stretch and Sweep may be the most effective (especially if you do all the other stuff too). Hopefully yourmidwife will give you one.
Anyway good luck, and try to hang in there, I still have almost 5 weeks to go and I am fed up like you it's sounds so long when I right it down LOL.
Take Care Mel smile

Mel, SA, Jayden 10/02, Harley 08/04, Zoe 09/06

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