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Who did you have in the delivery room with you? Rss

It's a highly personal decision but thinking about who is there for the big day is no small consideration. Did you have your husband / partner / best friend / mum with you?

We'd love to hear your story!
I am due soon so am planning the delivery. My partner and the hospital staff are the only ones I want there. My Mum lives interstate and has no immediate plans to make it. In laws and well meaning family are not allowed.
I had my Husband and my mother all the way from the Philippines in my labor but I ended up having Emergency CS so its only my Supportive hubby with me in the delivery of my baby through cs section .. I'm glad everything turn alright after a terrifying moment to to in a rush Cs section to get my baby out .. She is now 3 months healthy and happy baby!
I had my husband. My Mom and Dad waited outside.
I had my husband, mother-in-law, my sister (our photographer and updates my family in our home country via messenger), our friends (a couple, who updates our bible study group thru viber, messenger). I wanted them to be there and document as much as they can! ???? full support! ???? I think it helped a lot when I was giving birth.. ????
We were only allowed 2 people in the delivery room - obviously hubby had to be there, and mum made it on time luckily. Everyone else came after baby girl was delivered - no point waiting outside in the waiting room for hours.
I prefer my partner with me at the time of delivery. He was there with me at the time of first delivery too, and I must say by having him around gave me lot of support and courage. luckily my labor wasn't that long and got baby delivered within 3 hours. This time I am a bit nervous and confused, as my son is just 2 years old, and I am not sure if he is use to of staying with anyone else then his dad. I still have 2 months to decide, hope I will be able to make him used to of staying with his granny.
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