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Ashford Hospital Adelaide Lock Rss

Hi there,

I'm not pregnant yet, however my specialist consults at Ashford and once (hopefully) pregnant this is where i will go to give birth.

Just wondering if anyone can shed some light on their experience there such as the care they received, how comfortable the stay was.

I had surgery last year for my endometriosis and i have to say the care was pretty shocking, i have a patient controlled analgesia pump (in which the nurses are suppose to check on patients hourly whilst on them let alone the policy of having to check on patients every 4 hours for observations which no body did) I know its not a hotel however just curious seeing as im paying a lot for health insurance. Also has anyone stayed at the Peppers hotel, which Ashford offers instead of staying the last couple of nights in hospital if all is well.

I didn't mind the idea of going to a public hospital but my specialist only consults at this hospital and she knows all my history etc so would really like her to be my doctor.

Thanks girls xx
My 1st Bub is 1.5 and she was born at Ashford, I absolutely loved it. We went to the hotel (it was then the Rendevouz) and it was fantastic. Having a mid wife right there was wonderful. However a friend had advised before agreeing to hotel just check how many other mums are going to be there. I've heard they may be scrapping the hotel thing soon too and you may just get a voucher to stay there at another time. I'm due with Bub no.2 in sept and would not think of going anywhere else. I was vEry happy with my OB too.
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