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Big baby and worried Lock Rss

Hi all supermums,
I am 38 weeks and will be 39 in 2 days. Last week I had an ultrasound and she told me my baby looks big. At that point he was 3.4 kilo, but if my labour doesn't start another 2 weeks, he will be a big one for me. It's my first pregnancy and I am all stressed and scared at the same time. I am planning natural birth with epidural. But I have a feeling it's gonna be messy and tear all down there. Should I have c section? What do you all think? Can anyone share about their stories of having big baby. Another question is doing Preneal massage, does it help? Thanks xo
My babies were big - 2 over 4.5 kgs and I am small. Yep, I sure tore but I had one small baby which was induced early and was just under 8 pounds and I tore with her too, so there you go. Don't fret too much about the tearing - it will heal quickly unless it's very serious, and probably quicker and easier than a C section cut. I don't specifically recall tearing, it just happens really without you knowing, and I didn't have any ongoing problems and I tore along the same line with four births. The epidural is wonderful - makes the head crowning (which is the worst bit in my mind) much more bearable, and makes stitching afterwards a breeze. For the most part, getting a big baby out isn't too much harder than a small one, unless the shoulders get stuck. Hope it all goes well.
Thanks ddon. Hopefully everything goes smoothly smile
Hi... second what ddon said. I wouldn't fret too much about it. The risk of a serious tear is low regardless of the size of your bub. Most people tear a little and most people don't realise until after when they are told.

Also the size of bubs on ultrasound is extremely unreliable. Even if you've got a big bub it's the size of the head that is the biggest factor in how easily it will be not how heavy the baby will be. I was told on ultrasound that I would have a big bub and he was 3.7kgs (pretty average size). My son had a massive head and I tore badly despite him being about an average size bub.
Firstly, I will start by saying that your experience will be totally different to anyone elses. Everyones body is different and responds differently to birth.

In saying that though, I had the same choice to make as you. My first child showed up big on a late scan and I toyed with the idea of a csec. I chose not to. I had tore significantly, had internal and external stitches and I hemorrhaged, resulting in two blood transfusions. My recovery took a long time, the same time it would have taken to recover from a csec. My son was 9lb11oz

I am going for my late scan for my second next week and hopefully the baby will be an awesome, healthy average size and I wont have to make the decision, but I know if I had to do it again, I would go csec.

We are hoping this time to labour in the water as that is supposed to help reduce tears and I want to try without the epi (I reserve the right to change my mind!) as because I was lying on my back, gravity was not able to help. I want to try being a bit more active this time around but you never know what will happen in birth and you should do what feels right for you.

There is nothing wrong with choosing to have a csection. Or an epidural. Or having a natural birth. Go with your gut and surround yourself with people who support you. I hope it works out well and you have a healthy, safe delivery.
Hey there, those scans (as others have mentioned) are not reliable at all. I was told at 36 weeks I was having a 6-7 pounder and in fact he was a whopping nearly 9pound! And I was induced at 38 weeks.
I had a natural birth, only gas for pain relief, and he got a little bit stuck and had a pro longed second stage (pushing stage) and he needed vacuum extracting due to his size and position, he wasnt coming out face down, he was on the side, so that didnt help, I only tore slightly though, had 2 stitches! Yay for me lol!
But yes I had a big baby and didnt tear much at all, although he got a bit stuck and needed abit of assistance to get out, we got there in the end, and all was good. Just depends on your body and capabilities, everyone is different. I wouldn't worry too much. It's a natural thing and women have giving birth since the beginning of time. In my opinion, if I had not given birth naturally, I would be disappointed, because I think every woman needs to have that experiance, even just once, to know what it's really like and experiance the miracle of natural birth. Once your baby is out, the pain goes away instantly. It's really beautiful. Good luck.

I agree in that those scans are not overly reliable. My second son is 8 weeks old and on ultrasound was estimated to be 4.3kgs at 39 weeks. I was induced at 39+6 due to him being large. He ended up being 4.1 or 9lb1oz. Not quite as big as predicted. I had an epidural for pain but that aside I had no issues having him. No tears or anything.

At the end of the day this is a decision you should make with your dr.

mum to one goregous boy

I had an ultra sound 2 days before DS2 was born and they said pretty much right on 3kg. He was over 3.9kg. I'm sure he didn't put on 900g in the day and a half in between!

Hi all, thanks for sharing your stories. It's funny that I didn't know I was in labour when posted this question. I thought I was tired and having everyday back pain. But I ended up coming to hospital that night and had my son on Saturday morning. He is so cute and he wasn't as big as I expected which is great. He was 3.800 kg. Unfortunately dr used vacuum suction to deliver him so he is fussy and crying a lot. I am not sure if all babies are same. I just wish I could have done more. He is not feeding well and I feel bad to see him crying because of his sore head. I didn't have tear because dr cut me before vacuum suction which I didn't want but at that time I wanted my bub to be safe and sound so I followed everything he said since he is a doctor. It's not really painful down there and not much bleeding. Is it normal not to bleed so much? I am like on my normal period. Now my only wish is him to feel better and feed well. Thanks for all your support and replies girls xx
Congrats on your new baby! My son was born by vacuum extraction as well as he had a really bad injury on his head, it was bleeding and the skin was all tore off, bad bruising around the face/ head also. It took about 6-8 weeks for it to heal properly. And it was really quite bad so don't worry it will heal in time.
If your having trouble feeding let your midwife know, she may be able to help you.
And I'm not sure about the bleeding, I was bleeding ALOT after my son, I got up to go to the shower and had to wrap a towel in between my legs like a nappie LOL to stop from dripping all over the floor! Needless to say I don't think the hospital cleaners would've thanked me there was that much blood on the shower/bathroom floor!! But I wouldnt worry if you've got little blood, half your luck!!
Anyways congrats and enjoy your baby, I know how hard it is in those first few days, in my opinion, the first few days/nights are the hardest.

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