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She is here!! Lock Rss

So our little girl is finally here!!

Here is my birth story for those who are interested.

Couldnt sleep very well Thursday night and around 5am started getting back ache and period type cramps stronger than the ones i had been getting on and off for the last 2 weeks. Went back to sleep until 7am then got up to get DS out of bed and the day started. By the time hubby was about to go to work around 8am i was having contractions that were about 10 to 15 mins apart but still irregular and not too painful. Hubby went off to work as i told him i would keep him updated and if tue got stronger and closer together i would call him to come home. Contractions stayed like that all morning and i even made it to my ultrasound appointment that i had for that morning.
After the ultrasound (which showed everything was fine) i went home and DS and i had a nap. Only slept for an hour in which i got 4 contractions which i woke up for and went back to sleep. Lay in bed and timed for a while and they were coming 7 to 10 mins apart and still not too painful. Got up to make us lunch and they were coming every 4 to 6 mins. Called up mw to let her know what was going on only to find out that she had the weekend off so called the back up. She said i could stay home till i wasnt coping anymore. Hubby got home just after 5pm from work and he was a saint and made himself and DS dinner and then bathed him and put him in bed. Around bath time was when contractions reved up and became painful (around 7pmish). My sister came around at 7.50pm to watch DS and off we went to the hospital. Contractions were painful and i was starting not to be able to cope. I was thinking on the way there that i was going to take the drugs cause i couldnt handle it anymore. As soon as we got into the carpark i had the biggest urge to push and yelled at hubby that i had to. I tried ao hard not to but i could stop my body from pushing. Hunby ran in and grabbed a wheelchair and him and a nurse rushed me upstairs to a delivery suite. We arrived at the hospital at 8.10pm. Our little girl Chloë Elizabeth B was born on the 21st Feb at 8.12pm. Weighing 8lbs 8oz amd 53cm long. I had to be stitched up after 3rd degree tearing but am recovering well. We stayed the night for observation as Chloë had meconium in her waters but she is doing really well and we havent had any problems with feeding. Think Ben was a bit unsure of her at first but he seems to be warming up to her and is very interested in her.

Yay congratulations!

Congratulations and welcome to Chloe. smile

Mr J (April 2005) Miss Z (Feb 2007) and Miss O (Oct 2010)

So pleased that chloe has arrived safe and sound, congratulations smile

Congratulations!!! Hello baby Chloe! Wow I can't believe you nearly had her in the car park Benjiman's Mummy tongue

Congrats! Beautiful name smile And wow, can't believe she came so fast, lucky you didn't get in a traffic jam or something smile

Congratulations Benjamin and Chloe's mum smile what a labour! You only just made it to hospital hey, well done on labouring mostly at home. Hope you are recovering well from the birth.
Congrats on the birth of your little girl. Pleased to hear that all went well. Enjoy the newborn cuddles. Hope that you recover well.

Congratulations and welcome little Chloe. smile
Finally! Congrats mum and welcome little Chloe. Hope you're all settling in well smile
Congratulations hun, what a beautiful name smile Glad you made it to the hospital on time, very close to having her in the car I guess. Hope your enjoying those newborn cuddles xx
Congrats hun xx You did well and a big welcome to little Chloe smile

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