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Chances of a 2nd episiotomy? Lock Rss

Hi ladies, I'm pregnant with number 2 and I had to have an episiotomy with my first, wondering if anyone has had to have one the second time around or knows the chances of having to have another one? Really want to try and avoid it again if possible! smile
I had episiotomy with my first, second one I tore, no episiotomy because I had a water birth. Sucks. Will probably happen again I assume. Apparently my first lot of stitches weren't done very well and that contributed to it the second time.

I had one with my first birth and was told my chances of needing another are pretty high because the episiotomy leaves scar tissue that is not as stretchy therefore is likely to end up tearing badly, so to avoid that they will often do an episiotomy so it is more controlled. That said, it's dependent on things like the size of the baby, how controlled pushing stage is, position you birth in etc. I think it's good to talk to your care provider about ways to possibly avoid it, but be prepared that it may happen again and that it's probably preferable to a 3rd or 4th degree tear.

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I had an episiotomy and ventouse delivery with my DS after being induced. I was induced again with my DD and as it was only 16 months later I just assumed that I would tear or need assistance again. Not even a graze!

I birthed on all fours (first time was sitting on bed) and didn't push until I absolutely couldn't help it (as opposed to being told to push the minute I needed to first time and it lasting 2 hours). The midwife also pressed a really warm compress against my perineum as I was pushing which I will definitely be asking for again this time!

DD was about 200g lighter but her head circumference was bigger!

Good luck hopefully you won't have any problems this time xx
I had one with my first but not my second. With dd1 I had it coz after 2.5 hours of pushing her head still wasn't out. I struggled with the pushing stage and was tired.
Second baby my body did all the pushing I had little control. She was born only a few minutes after I started feeling pressure and no episiotomy needed. I had some tearing that needed stitches but nothing that bothered me.
The recovery from tearing and episiotomy were that same for me.

In my birth plan for dd2 I put in that I wanted an episiotomy coz I was worried I would push for hours again and the baby would have a bruised head like dd1 had after birth.

Good luck. I think the best thing to do is talk to the MW so she can help you avoid an other one.
Thanks ladies, seems I'm not doomed yet lol, first time round it was after 3 hours of pushing and she still wasn't coming out, didn't happen until the episiotomy, even with the warm washer and I tried the massage leading up to labour, didn't seem to help me though. I don't mind having to have another if necassary, just like to avoid it if possible smile
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