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36 weeks pregnant with #2 and bubba is posterior Lock Rss

Hi, I'm currently 36 weeks pregnant with bubba #2 and concerned that bubba has turned from anterior to posterior. Does anyone have any advice to help rotate baby before labour begins? Or have you been through a posterior delivery and had no medical intervention? I would really like to avoid forceps etc...
thanks Ladies, I guess I'm worried as my first labour was easy and without stress - 6 hrs in total, only 15mins of pushing, no stitches and no pain relief. I am really hoping that bubba turns so I can have the natural experience again ...
my sister baby is posterior as well and I have been making her crawl around everywhere to bubs can turn as they react to the hammock motion.

Bubs is started to turn and she id due in a few weeks.

babies can be born posterior but can hurt a little more as the biggest part of there head (back) will be coming out first.

I delivered two of my three babies posterior with no intervention. Just took longer to push them out then with the one that was anterior. My last one was anterior during labor and then turned around when it came time to push. I didn't use drugs for any of the births but sure wanted them for the last.

My friend also had 2 posterior babies which she has told me were so very painful, especially in her back, but she had them without intervention, tearing or epidural. It seems (like so many things) it can be a varied, individual and hard to predict experience. Fingers crossed for you things go smoothly.
Apparently lots turn during labour, happened to me. All my pain was back pain for the first half and midwife said bubs was posterior but then the pains just change because she turned. I think there is still time to turn its not quite like breech babies which rarely turn this late.

My bubba was posterior too and I managed to get him to turn so that his spine went down the right side of my belly, and then he turned during labour the right way around.

My midwife told me that if you do a lot of sitting and you don't keep good posture you're more likely to have a posterior baby... So for me we like to watch tv in the evenings when the kids are in bed and would slouch around there... I made sure after that I sat on the floor instead and used a fit ball an anything else I could find to lean over so I was kind of on all fours at times. The midwife told me to make sure I was really conscious of sitting bolt upright whenever I sat, including the dinner table and to avoid the lounge... As bubs will turn to however they can get the most space. If the curve in your back is slouching then they will turn posterior for extra space.

I also had some success with turning him by lying on my bed and slowly rolling onto one side of my belly.. Not laying on him but just squishing him to one side of my belly. He'd start kicking around as obviously I was taking up the free space and he would turn for me then. Every time he did it though he'd end up going back to how he was a couple hours later! I kept trying though and in the last week of pregnancy when he was moving less and obviously too big to be too wriggly I did it again and he turned to the side and stayed there. There was every chance he'd turn back the wrong way again durin labour so I was lucky I guess. I was scared of having him posterior during labour as I'd been warned how much more painful it is and that it can slow labour down.

Good luck!

DS1 turned a few times during labour. I could tell because the pain when he was anterior was manageable, as as soon as he turned posteria it was all the back and a lot more painful.

DS3 was born posteria and was just over 4kg. I was too late for an epidural and they took the gas off me after I passed out on it so by the time I had to push I didn't have any pain relief. He was the only one of my three births where I didn't have an epidural, that was born without vaccuum assistance and there was no tearing. So it definately can be done without intervention smile

thank you ladies for you kind words and stories - I am feeling a little more relaxed about the whole posterior thing now. I have been on my hands and knees A LOT, swaying my hips in hopes that bubba will move but as you say, only time will tell and who knows what bubba will do during labour. My OB will let me know next week at my appointment if I've had any luck - fingers crossed!!
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