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Positive Epidural Birth Stories Rss

Hi ladies,

I'm due with my first baby in November & have decided to have an epidural. I plan to do it on my own for a little while but will ask for the epidural as soon as I am in a lot of pain. I want the birth to be as relaxed as possible & don't plan on being a hero with no pain relief or anything.

I'd like to hear from some ladies who had a similar experience. Thanks.
I have one with my first when he was induced. It was the most amazing thing in the world and am definately going to be considering one for my next. I didn't even feel the needle go in, I guess the pain of labour masked it lol. I could still feel and move my legs, they were just a bit numb and at one point I moved on to my hands and knees to be sick, so it's not like you're just stuck and unable to feel anything. I still knew when to push and was up for a shower about half an hour after birth. I had three or four top ups of it during my labour
I have had two epidurals. With my first, after hours of posterior labour and no progress - heaven on a stick! It was wonderful, I enjoyed her birth, she was healthy, fed straight away and I had no problems. I then had 2 births with no pain relief at all, and they were hideous. I cried everytime I thought of their births for months afterwards. The labour was quick and fine, but the births were awful, and it was too late of course for pain relief. With my fourth child, I was induced so I had time - I decided that I was having an epidural no matter what! I have had my drug-free births, and I had no desire to do that again. So, got my epidural and it was wonderful again.
I felt pain with my 2nd epi. but it wasn't terrible and I could handle it without any problem. I had no pain at all with the first. I had 2nd degree tears with every birth because my babies were big, and having the epidural on board makes the stitching up afterwards a breeze. Don't believe the horror stories if you get any - my babies weren't at all affected by it, and actually they were much easier to feed than the ones that I had without drugs. I didn't need forceps or any other assistance even with them being big. Good luck.
I've had two, the first was successful but I couldn't feel a thing so had a hard time pushing! The second didn't work at all, so I had to birth my 9lb12 baby with no pain relief and if was awful lol

Third baby I had a shot of morphine and it was AMAZING! I slept for nearly my whole labour and sucked on the gas when it was time to push, definitely my easiest and most enjoyable birth grin

I had an epidural 21 hours into labour and it was awesome. Pethadine and has did the trick but when it got just too painful the epidural was my savior. I had a posterior baby.

I remember the 'zap' when the epidural goes in and that's it. I was able to push and felt the need to push when it came time.

I plan to have one with every birth.

I always planned to have the epidural as a pain relief. Once I got to hospital I had dilated 5cms so they gave it to me soon as I requested it. Then got to 8cms without feeling the pain. Then he didn't move much further so in the end I had to have an emergency caesarean.

I am due in 3 weeks and I will be asking for the epidural again!!

When I had dd 17yrs ago I laboured for about 8 hours with only a shot of petherdine. They then decided I needed forceps as I dialated quickly but couldnt get bub out so they gave me a spinal block. It numbed me which was great. Anyway I did hemoridge (sorry cannot spell) for 12hours after so when down to surgery for them to poke around & sew up. They gave me another spinal block. It worked as well.

When I had ds 3 1/2yrs ago I was hellbent (excuse the french) on getting an epidural as soon as I got there. My second labour I dialated really quickly like the first but when I started yelling for the epidural they kept telling me it was too late. Ds was born within 3 hours. I will tell you thats not what I wanted to hear during labour. I only ended up with gas on that labour.

If you have an epi make sure you get it in time is my advice.

I had an epidural and it was fantastic. I would definitely have one again but next time have it sooner.

I went over the half way mark with just gas and asked for an epidural when I couldn't handle the pain anymore. I was really scared of getting one because I had heard so many stories on how painful it
can be to get one but I didn't even feel it go in. The anaesthetist said that I didn't feel it because I was
in labour.

Mine started to wear off after around 4 hours but I was given a remote to press the button to top it
up whenever I wanted and I pressed that button heaps just to make sure that I didn't feel pain when it came
time to push and I didn't feel a thing. I was so glad that I had it because the Dr had to cut me and then stitch me up, I didn't feel any of that and was laughing and chatting away when it was all happening.

I would highly recommend getting one to anyone. It's well worth the cost involved.

Iwish iasked for the epidural sooner it is amazing
If i evr hav another baby iwill def be asking for the epi .

Good thread! I am curious about positive epidural stories also.

We are TTC #3 and I want an Epi!

Both of my births were drug free and I'm not doing that again. First was spine on spine so I put it down to bad luck. I think maybe 2nd birth will be better so I went natural water birth. The labour itself was better, but the actual birth was ...can't even think of a word to describe it... Ouch. I birthed her & my waters at once. So learnt a third time how I want it to go down. The birth plan will not be go with the flow it will have strict instructions lol smile I want to enjoy the experience. I also have severe after birth contractions that lasts for hours afterwards. So a epi is definitely the way to go for me this time.

with DS birth it really wasnt the best overall experience. useless midwife and doctors and the person giving me the epi walked into the room and first thing he said was lets get this over with so i can go home. there are alot of things that im not happy with about my last birth but getting an epi was probably one of the best things i chose to do. i had only one hour of sleep in the last 36 hours by that stage and was exhausted (silly insomnia and then too excited when water broke at 1am). it took away all the pain of the contractions and i was able to relax and calm down and even shut my eyes for a bit. worst part of getting it was having to sit still through contractions but once it kicked in it was pure heaven. plan on getting another epi this time around if i cant handle the pain.

I had an epidural with my first after being induced and labouring for 24 hours, I was open to drugs and had the gas as well as pethidine with not much relief. I had issues with my blood pressure and medical staff were considering giving me some anti hypertensives to try and bring it down, however as soon as I asked for the epidural the medical staff seemed relieved as this would make me relax, the epidural would bring down my BP and I could get some rest. It was like heaven, I was able to rest and sometimes sleep through my strongest contractions but when it did come time to push I had a bit more energy to do so. I could have kissed the anaesthetist who put in the epidural, what a wonderful man he was! My second I was again open to drugs and was once again induced, but managed to get through it with some gas and water injections. I felt much more in control second time around but was absolutely open to an epidural after knowing how well it worked the previous time. There is absolutely no shame in getting an epidural, and I've never let anyone make me feel guilty about accepting drugs because in the end I have got two healthy baby girls.
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