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Being a first time mum I'm unsure of what exactly happens when contractions etc kick in. I got a stretch and sweep done yesterday at around 11am at the hospital and I was 2cm dilated and he is 3/5 engaged.

The doctor did say I was very favorable to go into labour before being induced but it has since been about 28 hours since the stretch and sweep and I have had some blood mostly spotting today and sharp little pains every now and again but nothing like actual contractions. I no it's usually within 48 hours labour kicks in but has anyone else been in the same situation and labour has come on?

Just prefer natural labour to kick in before I have to be induced in 5 days!
Sounds exactly like my first stretch and sweep (first baby). Had some little pains and a bit of bloody discharge following and then started getting regular and light period like pain about 24 hours later and they slowly gradually progressed into stronger and stronger contractions.

Lets hope it works for me! I have started getting lower back pain and light period type pain but it's only very light so I guess all I can do is wait and see if they increase or not =)
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