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Delay cord clamping and cutting and placenta delivery? Lock Rss

Hi all smile

I was just wanting to hear from other that have delayed clamping and cutting the cord after birth. I have read in my antenatal forms that this question is actually asked these days (was never told or asked about it when I had my boys now 7& 5) and I am considering delaying from what I have read, for this birth.

My biggest question about it though is about the delivery of the placenta as until the cord is clamped you can have the injection to help deliver it so have read most just let third stage go naturally without the injection. Has anyone delivered their placenta naturally? (i had the jab with my last 2 as the cord was clamp straight away) Thanks smile
We did delayed clamping with DS2. It took about 10ish minutes for his cord to stop pulsing, and the placenta was out less than 15 minutes after that; no injection required. If the delay between cutting the cord and placenta coming is 'delayed', they can still give you the injection to try and get it out. Once the cord is cut it can take up to an hour for the placenta to detach, though if you're in a hospital they might not choose to leave it that long..I had DS2 at home, and it didn't take that long, so can't comment on a hospital scenario.

I have delayed cord clamping twice. We did not cut the cord until after the placenta was delivered. In my sons case it was 1 1/2 hrs after the birth, the main reason why it took so long was because of the 26 min labor.
i would recommend it to anyone. There is no reason in a normal delivery to rush to cut the cord.
You can even have a lotus birth where you leave the cord attached to the baby until it comes away naturally..... but I couldn't do that.
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I am a bit concerned about this also. I had no clue with my first two but have since read a lot about it and would prefer for it to be done naturally or at least wait for the cord to stop pulsating before clamping. I'm pretty sure it was all done quickly on auto pilot the last two times. Clamped straight away, cut, and then given the drug to birth the placenta. I will bring up the subject with my Ob this week.

I did delayed clamping and natural delivery of placenta with DD. My MW is very much pro this type of delivery as long as everything has gone well. I would recommend it. The natural delivery of the placenta was straight forward and was only about 15 mins later. Tbh I was so focused on my new baby I didnt really think about the placenta still to come.
Thanks so much guys smile helps a lot as I know no one that has done it and really wanted to do it this time.
I too have read that it's better for bub to let it be unclamped until it stop pulsating and that storing the blood is a waste of money. Will defo be talking to the midwife about doing it this way smile
There are certainly advantages of delayed cord clamping, the main one being that the baby recieves more red blood cells which can prevent anemia in the newborn phase and also later into infancy and toddlerhood. The reason delayed cord clamping is not "standard" practice is because there is no clear evidence as to whether it is beneficial enough to recommend for all births. One of the concerns of delaying cord clamping is causing jaundice - all newborns have more RBC (red blood cells) than what they actually require after birth, these RBC's have a shorter lifespan and the liver (which processes dead RBC's) is still immature. So the concern is that giving the baby MORE RBC's through delayed cord clamping will increase levels of jaundice. Now that said, most babies have some degree of jaundice but if the levels are too high, they require phototherapy in special care nursery because jaundice can cause toxicity leading to brain damage if left untreated. Phototherapy is pretty main stream, but it does mean being seperated from your baby and extends your stay in hospital and often also requires IV fluid therapy or early introduction of supplemental formula. Of course, not every baby who has delayed CC will go through this and certainly lots of babies who do have the CC immediately will still end up going through this, it's simply something to be mindful of in making your decision. You have to weigh this risk up with the possible benefit of more iron stores - which in developed country such as ours where food is readily available, is it really vital that the baby has a higher iron store? Maybe, maybe not. Personally, I probably will delay cord clamping for my next baby, but will do so fully informed.

As for managed third stage, I think that is a personal preference but the main risk of not having the injection is that it increases chances of large post partum blood loss. But you can always specificy that you are happy to have injection in the event that bleeding is significant or if the placenta is taking too long to detach

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quote post="3404803" name="Totally in love an internet resource looks, you should read it with skeptical eyes

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You know what Totally in love - you have read my post and chosen to see what you wish. Did you not read that I PLAN to delay cord clamping myself? Does this not suggest to you that I believe in the benefits?

Gosh, some people have to get so defensive about things.

I simply believe in making informed choices and do not believe that you can make an informed decision by reading internet articles that could have been written by absolutely anybody.

To the OP, I also think you should do what you feel is right. Totally in love - how about learn to be a bit more respectful? Just because somebody might not agree with you (which once again, I do not disagree with you entirely) doesn't mean they are wrong or should be abused over a forum.

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The quote thing isn't working properly. It's annoying because I did write a long quote back to Totally in love.

But to be honest, she obviously is going to think what she wants and not consider another view point so why bother?

Yes, by the way, I am part of the "evil" medical profession you speak of. And for the record, I do not think I know more than nature. But I also know that "mother nature" DOES get things wrong... a lot. I think that birth without intervention is almost always the best thing. But I also know that without intervention and without research, the maternal and fetal mortality and morbidity would be a lot higher than it actually is. Go back and do a bit of reading about birth in the early 1900's and you will find that without the medical profession, being pregnant was a huge gamble as to whether you would live or die. How does that fit in with the mother nature theory?

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"Any bet Skubala is a medical professional who think she knows better than mother nature"

Sounds pretty aggressive to me.

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Ok, so doctors are brainwashed...

Yet you read an internet article that sounds "smart" and believe it?

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