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37 weeks and cramping Lock Rss

Hi girls,

This is my first bub and I was just wondering if cramping ( like period pains ) is normal at 37 weeks the pain is in my lower back and lower abdomin. My doctors on holidays atm so just thought id ask what others have experienced. The pain isnt constant and its more annoying than painful.

Also just wondering what was the first signs of labour for you?

Thanks in advance
Hi, that could be the signs of early labour, could be braxton hicks, if it gets more frequent ring your hospital.

I have had 4, soon to have my 5th. 2 years ago when my friend was having her 2nd, she was complaining of the same thing, and it became more regular, i told her she was in early labour, she wouldnt believe me. Her mum told her she was and she thought her mum was just trying to scare her. She was booked in for a c-section the next day and with her 1st bub had a c-section so had never experienced labour before. When she went in for her c-section the next morning the docs told her she was in early labour, lol.

If you are worried at all ring your hospital though, if it is the early stages of things, it could go on for a few days or more.
Ummm, that's how both of my labours started - with very light period like cramping. Best of luck.

Yeah its weird the pain seems to have gone this avo but i had the same pain last nite. My tummy doesnt get tighter or anything it just feels like ive got my period. oh and a few sharp pains very low down here and there. well heres to hoping wouldnt mind an early bub. been so sick this pregnancy and still am that would be quite happy as long as he is healthy smile
Thats how my labour started too! I got it a wk before she was born for a few hours and went away. It started again nearly a wk later and got worse from there into full labour. Gd luck!

Well the period pains have stopped tonight but been replaced by different pains..... feel like my whole stomach Particularly my lower abdomen gets really tense on and off with sharp pains down low.. been happening on and off for a few hours… any ideas ??

Could it even be the start of labor 37 weeks is pretty early isn’t it
Can't be sure, but it sounds like early labour. I think 38 weeks is considered full term. Can you call your hospital labour ward to check with them?

Think i might wait and see how the nite goes.... Its not super painful smile
I hope you're not far from your hospital. Maybe go to bed now so you are rested in case you are in labour. Good luck x

I was actually born at 37 weeks and weighed 5lbs 11 but i thought it was rare... maybe more common than i thought.

Well i dont know if it the start of labor as the pain seem to have gone for a while again sad
well the pains completly stopped this morning so maybe just braxton hicks
No my hospital is an hours drive so trying not to go out there if i dont have to smile but i have an appointment on monday so ill get them to check then
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