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Frustrated Lock Rss

This past week has been a bit of a rollercoaster ride! Being told doctors were waiting another 2 weeks or so to induce (for medical reasons), false or early labour Sunday night and similar feeling Monday night! Then yesterday after a nice big shopping trip I started having contractions around 2.30pm, had a really tight belly with 20 second long contractions anywhere between 20 and 30 minutes apart, eventually because I was not feeling him move I decided to call the hospital and was told to come in and get everything checked out! Got to the hospital around 5.30 and Bubba's heartbeat was really good and he started getting the hiccups, the mild contractions that I was having were also coming up on the monitor and now instead of my belly being constantly tight, it was only getting tight with each pain! The midwife did an internal examination to check if I was dilated at all but my cervix was still back and up and closed! I was sent home and told to rest and if anything more happened to call them back! Got home around 7 and contractions started getting more intense and closer together! Had a bath around 12.30am and then decided to call the hospital back and to see what I should be doing, as by then they were coming every 5 minutes and were roughly 60 seconds long! Midwife told me that I could come in or I could rest at home another hour and see if I lose my plug or my waters! Decided to lay down in bed as I was exhausted and was falling asleep between contractions and eventually fell asleep! Then I woke up at 5am this morning with nothing but mild cramping! So frustrated and exhausted and ready for this baby to be born! Im just exhausted and am constantly being told by the midwives to relax, easier said then done when I have two four year olds at home and have no one to help with them as dad is trying to get in as much work as possible! Bills dont come to a stop because you have a baby coming unfortunately!
hang in there, i know its hard when you have other children though. I have 4 with our 5th on the way.
I personally wouldnt want to induce, it can lead to other interventions.
obviously things are starting to happen though so cant be to far away smile
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