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water births Rss

I've had a couple of friends do water births and have had very positive experiences. The main two benefits of water birth is that it provides pain relief and that it may reduce the likelihood or severity of tearing. However there are some risks - firstly that if you have complications during delivery you're in a more difficult position to be able to get to by doctors/midwives and the other main risk is of the baby inhaling water after birth. Some people say that is not possible but it is possible and it does happen. Usually however those babies will be treated with IV antibiotics and given necessary support with breathing until they clear the fluid off their lungs. Personally I'd love to try a water birth, unfortunatley there are not many hospitals that allow delivery in the water and the ones that do have very strict criteria, BMI being one of them. Certainly worth looking into anyway

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It may still be possible - from what I have read the hospitals have different restrictions and most seem to be a BMI of 30+, so technically the obese cut off not the overweight cutoff, so if your BMI is 25 (overweight) you may be fine smile

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