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Giving birth second time round ! Rss

My second was my favourite labour of the 5, and he was 1.5kg heavier than the first.
It was also my longest labour at 7hrs, and the easiest labour of all 5.

#1, 1hr 30min labour, 5weeks prem, drug free, 6lb 3oz
#2, 7hr labour, with gas for last hour, 9lb 13oz
#3, 1hr 13min labour, gas used last 20min, 10lb 2oz
#4, 50min labour, drug free, born in sac, 8lb 15oz
#5, 18min labour, drug free, 10lb 12oz

Best of luck for your impending arrival, hope you have a great 2nd labour!
Your petrified as you know what your in for but once you get there you know how to deal with it as you have done it before. Each sunsequent pregnancy i freaked out around 35 weeks as how i would deal with labour and after pains (another fear that you will experience second time round)but once in labour i was in the righ headset and knew how to deal with the pain and that it doesnt last forever. My labours definitely got easier each time and recovery was also easier. #3 practically flew out (fluid on teh lungs from quick birth) and i walked out of the hospital the next day with no soreness at all (apart from after pans)i wondered how i passed a melon and felt great. Good luck with it all
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