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Terrified of Labour Lock Rss

... probably cos this is my third and I know what I am in for! I am due in July and I am finding that I am already feeling completely terrified about going into labour again.

My first was a 16 hour labour, couple of complications as she was posterior and required turning etc, but all in all the labour wasn't too bed.

The next one on the other hand probably sounds great to some people as it was only 3 hours from first contraction to birth - however, I presume due to the sheer speed of it, it was honestly the most excrutiating thing, was 8cm by the time I got to the hospital, had no pain relief as I fainted as I was dragging on the gas so hard due to the level of pain, that they took it off me so I was only allowed oxygen after that LOL!

I am completely terrified about how it will go this time. My midwife says that I will have to have the baby in our local clinic as going by last time won't have time to get to Dunedin hospital. Our local clinic has access to gas and thats it, not surgeons etc in case of emergency so I really don't want to give birth there because I figure that every birth can be different.

Has anybody been in this same type of position, have they had a short labour one time and longer the next or is the writing on the wall that this one is going to be just as short and just as intense...I'm scared!
I understand your fear. While I've only given birth once, child birth was my absolute top fear since I found out how babies arrived in this world.

I recently gave birth in Greymouth Hospital and I have a really low pain tolerance. They don't do epidurals there (which I found out when I was in transition) and while I was hoping to go without pain relief, I was realistic and had opted for gas and pethidine if needed. The labor was brought on by use of prostaglandin gel. I didn't require further induction assistance though, thank goodness.

The gas sucked and I stopped using it after about 6 hits. The pethidine only just took the edge off for me, but the fact is that I didn't think the experience of child birth was as bad as I thought it would be. My labor lasted just over 20 hours from start to finish. I experienced transition for longer than normal since I did have some complications.

I'd like to tell you that you'll be fine and it won't be as bad as you imagine, but I don't think I'd respond well to those words if they were directed at me. I can only tell you what helped me when I was going through the hard bit. Breathe...your baby needs the oxygen. Once I heard that, I stopped trying to suck it in and hold my breath and tried to exhale as much as possible too!
I think that is exactly the problem silver_nailpolish, you said about your labour being 20 hours and not too horrendous. My 16 hour labour, OK, but the 3 hour birth was so much more painful & intense. I think its just my body did everything so fast, the good old endorphins didn't get a chance to work their magic and it almost puts you into a kind of shock. Its that I am more scared of. And then I don't like the possibility of not being able to get to a well equipped hospital with specialists & epidurals LOL!
Your labor was pretty short and definitely something many would prefer, but they may not think about the intensity.

When I expressed concern at my fears, my midwife handed me a book to read called "New Active Birth" by Janet Balaskas. I read it and I must say it did put my mind at ease to some degree. I still had some fear, but not as bad as before I read it. It is intended to help you take charge of your birthing experience. Perhaps you can find a copy at the library?
I know what you mean about the fast labours. My DS1 was 3.5hrs from first contraction to bub on chest. Which I didn't find too bad - still had time to come around to the idea of having and giving birth to the baby. DS2 was very fast at 2hrs from the first niggle of labour to bub on chest...I remember the midwife telling me to push after 1.5hrs and I screamed at her that there was no way I was pushing as I wasn't ready to be a mum again! Fast births can be more traumatic on both bub and mum, yet everyone says 'aren't you lucky' and I always think 'no not really, same amount of pain all squashed in together' I'm also due to have DS3 in the near future and I can understand your apprehension. You do know what you are in for, it will probably be quick again but at least you can prepare yourself for this this time round. There is not much I can say to make you feel better other than I know how you feel and chances are that if you have had 2 uncomplicated births in the past this one will most likely be the same. Although you know the pain that is coming you also know that the awesome reward that is motherhood is totally worth it.
Could you book into Dunedin hospital to be induced? (so you can have an epidural if you choose, and feel comfortable that they can handle an emergency) that way you wouldn't have to wait to go into labour and not have time to drive there.
Just had my third. First baby, awful induction. Second was only 1 & 1/2 hrs, too too fast. So was *** myself for #3. Decided to get my mind right and read all I could on positive birth. Really believed what my body could do. I had a beautiful birth. 3hrs this time, but I was so preent in the moment, I remember every minute of it. I was active throughout and birthed kneeling at the end of the bed. No tearing this time which was good. My MW talked me to calm every time I looked like I was loosing it. And when I relaxed my body just did it's thing. Go in with a positive mindset, breathe evenly and calmly, your muscles need the oxygen, and have confidence in what you can do. Good luck!
my 1st was about 16 hours, i thought the labour itself was no where near as bad as everyone had said it would be. I had a natural birth with no pain relief.
My 2nd was about 8 hours, again natural with no pain relief and again it wasnt too bad.
My 3rd, my waters broke 11 weeks early and i had bad bleeding. 1 week later i had a 3hour labour if that, bub was born in the placental sac. The docs didnt know until she was born that the placenta had detached. We were very lucky i pushed so hard because any longer without oxygen and it could have been bad. It was however a natural birth with no pain relief.
My 4th, i had a bleed 5 weeks early. I natural birth no pain relief, we found that the placenta had started to lift. this labour was probably the hardest. It only went for a few hours, but i had been on iron tablets the doc had given me and with them causing constipation it made the labour a bit more painful. With out that the docs said my labour would have been alot quicker.
Up until a few weeks ago i would of said i didnt want any more kids, partly because of my last labour, but you know that it is all worth it for what you get for it.
I think that having an active labour, staying upright as much as possible, staying positive and focusing on staying calm and relaxed is the best way to get a good labour.
I'm 38wks with #3 a boy this time. I have to admit Im feeling a bit scared this time too! Dd1 was about 8hrs not the best experience, dd2 was 3hrs from when my water broke til she arrived. I got to the hosp & was 7cm on arrival as I'd labored at home, had a waterbirth too. I was so happy with my last birth & had no pain relief at all. Mentally I was prepared also. This time though I had a kidney stone, which causes a lot of pain & generally haven't enjoyed this pregnancy cause of it. I worry that the kidney pain will affect my experience & am worried about damage being caused downstairs!

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