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Posterior Placenta Lock Rss

2 years ago i had a son, the placenta was anterior (like its supposed to be) but on friday i had a daughter and the labour was completely different, the placenta for her was posterior.

DS - labour felt like period pain cross constipation
DD - labour felt like my tailbone/bone just above my bum crack felt like it was about to break.

I asked midwife if that was becuase of placenta and she said most likely due to DD being upside down (but she turned just before coming out) but could possibly be because of posterior placenta pushes everything to the back i could feel more pressure on my back.

So my question is if you had an anterior/posterior birth and did it feel like your very lower back was about to break. also if anyone has had both labours and they felt the same/differnt.

Just curious, TIA smile

I'm not sure where a posterior placenta is (is it in the back or the front?) I had it in the front with both my pregnancies, which caused me to not feel my babies kick until quite late. During labour I had a lot of back pain with both. With DD#2 I managed it much better with heat packs - they were AMAZING and I really wish I'd tried them with DD#1 as well. I haven't had a labour with the placenta in the back as both mine were in the front.

i had both front and back, and one to the side. can't say i noticed any difference. altho, like nodrog, it took some time before i felt DD 2 move because of placenta in the front.
hi im pregnant with bub #2 and my placenta is at the front aswell , with my first was where they meant to be. im interested to hear what other mums say aswell - had no idea that it could effect labour!?
I have had one anterior and one non-anterior placenta, I wouldn't say there was much difference in the labours though. Though the non anterior placenta labour started in my back, it didn't remain there and as far as I am aware (did most of my second labout in my sleep) the second started in the front. The only 'issue' with my anterior placenta was cord length, it was a bit short...but that might have had nothing to do with placenta location. laugh

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