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thats interesting. When i had DD (in a public hospital) they automatically DIDN'T cut the cord - i actually asked them too after a while- cos i was kneeling holding DD and didn't have the strength to move while holding her but was having difficulty just staying kneeling (i was in a bit of shock and very weak after a quick birth) - there are def reasons to NOT cut it.

With DS, DH cut the cord - and they even pullued on the placenta to get it out - Dumb thing to do cos it it did come out a bit jaggered but yeah- i guess they do it to be quicker!

you are def within your rights to ask that it not be cut till after placenta is birthed.

Is that when you leave the placenta and cord attatched to the baby until it falls off by itself??

If you dont want to cut it then let them know what your choice. As the other ladies said it is your choice.

I had my DD1's cord cut stright away with the other two I waited until after I delivered the placenta... I think its nice to slow it down a bit once the baby is born.

The only difference between my first birth and my other two was education- I was told why I could choose wait and the benefits for the baby- and the confidence to decide that that was the way I want my birth experience to be. smile
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hmm a few things to consider smile i dont think ill be going for a lotus birth tho..thats a little too much for me lol. im lucky that my cords were both actually quite long and the MW were suprised that my babies werent tangled in them! they both reached my chest before the cords were cut but i remember them cutting the cords within a minute or so both times. will chat to my MWs, like i said they are actually very good im going to a small rural hospital so theyre not in any 'rush' to get things finished as they might get 2 births and a c-sect on a very busy day.
Wat an intresting topic with my 2 kids I never even thought about that being the life line from me to them I know my husband did cause he didnt want to hedid with 1t bub but not with second,As soon as had my babies in my arms I didnt care what was going on there I was more intrested in my new baby
Im sure from memory though that the didnt clamp or cut it till it had actually stopped pulsing, but I could be wrong everything happened so quick, with my 1st bub I heamorraged as soon as I delivered the placenta, 2nd bub thank god it didnt happen again cause I was very close to needing a tranfusion,
When & if I can get my husband to fully agree to having another baby in another yr or so I will definatly be lookinginto this though it does make you think!
Good luck & I really hope ur mid wife supports ur wishes as its your body & your baby:)
If it were 100 years ago, it wouldn't be unusual to give birth to the placenta an just wait for the cord and everything to drop off by itself. Particularly, if you gave birth and you and baby were on your own.

We each have our own ideas and what is important varies from person to person. I hope that your wishes are met.
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