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Public or private WA Hospital? Lock Rss

Hi Ladies\

Im just trying to choose between public or private specifically at Joondalup Hospital, Perth. Would love to hear ur opinions or ur experiences. I have top health cover but still not sure. !!!

Can u go public to start with then change to private or visa versa?

Thanks x

I'd go private if you have the health insurance to cover it. Do you have your heart set on Joondalup or would you consider Glengarry? I went to Glengarry for my 1st and thought it was pretty good. A friend went to Joondalup and said it was not that good, but that may just be her experience.

thanks cassie. Actually Glengarry was my first option as my mum was born there...and my sisters etc and my family liked it...however a few of my friends who went to Joondalup said it was alot better. grrrrrr!!1 Makes it that much harder.!

I am booked into Glengarry under Dr Busch - he is fantastic and so easy to chat to! I wanted an OB who still practises GYNO too as i've had several ops.

Friends of mine had their bub at Joondalup Private in february and they found it a horrid experience. Nurses who were completely unwilling to provide gas for pain relief (as it meant filling out forms) until the husband got frustrated and raised his voice at them. They said everything was left to the last minute and communication seemed to be lacking throughout the hospital.

But then again I'm sure others have had positive experiences there too. Good luck with the choice - perhaps see if you can do tours of both... Glengarry do them on Sundays I think!

Neets x

Hi there,

I am going public at Joondalup and haven't heard any bad reports. My experience with the ante-natal side of things there have been great so far. They do tours of the Maternity Unit on sundays at 3pm, maybe call the ante-natal team and ask for a look around? They should be able to tell you the pro's and con's to help you make your decision also.

Every birth is different and you can have a good or bad experience for so many different reasons...public Vs private may not have that much effect on your overall birth experience but its entirely your choice..if you have the cover i'd be tempted to say use it but only if you feel you will benefit by whatever perks that will bring you.

Hope this helps

Thanks for your opinions i think i am goinng to have to check out both hosputal when i am home. im not back till 14 weeks this late to book in?? aahhh!!!

I would perhaps call or email the hospitals and explain that you are not currently living in Perth, but will be back shortly and could you arrange tours/meetings.

If you are thinking of Private I would start by researching OBS who deliver at those hospitals and book appointments to meet with them too.

OBs i know who deliver at Glengarry are:
Dr Fred Busch 9448 6064
Dr Cliff Neppe 9203 7600
Dr Harris (i think her first name is Katherine)

You can check on the website of your health fund who they cover fully and where they are based.

Good luck
Neets x


I had my son at Joondulup as a Public Patient.

The midwives Clinic was great, they were all so nice. I ended up have GD and had to see the doctors there and they have 1 doctor do a 6 week block so you dont get thrown around between doctors. They also provided a dietien and diabetic educator too. I have to think of how much that would have cost me if I was private.

My birth and stay at the hospitle were great too.

Sorry I just wanted to add that I have heard that HBF is having a dispute with Ramsey Heath Care (both Joondulup and Glengarry) because they put up their prices and now you have to pay up front then claim it back from HBF and the gap is bigger then it used to be.

Depends what you are wanting. If you are keen on avoiding a c/section or intervention then I would go to Joondalup Public or KEMH. If you don't mind about a high chance of c/s then Joondalup Private would be the go. It is deff nicer than Glengarry and Glengarry don't have baths to use for pain relief during labour.

Have you considered a homebirth with the WA Community Midwifery scheme? It is all funded by Medicare and you get the same carer throughout.
i have private health insurance but i have opted to go to KEMH family birth centre which is run by midwives and rhwy are absolutely amazing, they have all been delivering babies for 25+ years!
I like the idea of having midwives because usually your OB just shows up when your ready to push lol!

If you have a low risk pregnancy i reccommend checking out the family birth centre, its on the same grounds as king edward so if anything goes wrong your only 3mins away!

I had DD#2 at Joondalup private in 2006 and the OB i used was Susan Isdale and she was really good.

The staff there were great and the rooms and everything were really good too

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

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