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What Month Is Your Baby Due?


due in december 2004 nambour hospital Lock

is anyone due in december this year who lives on the sunshine coast or near thats having there ba...

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anyone due june 05 Lock

Hi all, Haven't been feeling well for the last couple of day and was getting suspicous and then ...

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Congratulations, Im due June 29th. The day after my nephew was born. Good luck with everything.

sweetie pie

due in october "04" mums to be buddies Lock

Hi everyone,just wondering how many of us are due to have their bubs in oct.My edd is oct 22.This...

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Hi I'm also due in OCTOBER with my third baby. October 27th. This will be my third girl. My first labour took 12 hours, second 4 ho...


Miscarriage Lock

Hi Mum's to be.... I am once again pregnant and due in May 05. I have had an awful history of mis...

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hi i just want to wish you good luck with this pregnancy.


First baby!! Lock

I have 4 weeks to go!! I can't believe it!! Is there anyone else out there who is due soon or ha...

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Hi Shannon, The countdown is well and truly on!! When is your actual due date? Have you got names chosen yet? It is really excit...

Mother's Groups in Eastern Suburbs Lock

Hi everyone, Thought I would give this a go and see how it turns out. I live in the Eastern Sub...

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Pregnancy symptoms before period is due??? Lock

Hello All, I know this is a rather silly topic but it has me thinking.Ive got 2 kids...

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Hi Bindy, Sorry to hear that. Good luck for next time. I'll be looking out for a good news post in the future. Barb


Anyone due in May Lock

Hi I'm new to the site. I'm 21 and have a 2 1/2 yr old little boy named Blair and i'm due on May...

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hi there i had my dirst daughter on the 9th may(mothers day ) 5 weeks early due to having pre eclampsia she weighed 4 pound 9 and...

The "Due In July" Group Lock

Hello to all the mum's due in July!! I have noticed there are quite a few of us due in July and ...

153 replies

thanks for the great idea Michelle! Hope all is going well with life with the new baby.

due in october "04" Lock

Hi everyone, I am also due in October 25/04 and only have eight weeks to go. I am so happy tha...

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DUE IN SEPTEMBER ....... am i the only one????? Lock

Hey all......... i have 10 weeks to go till my lil man arrives in the world.......... it seems ...

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Hi Young Mum, I'm going to the Mercy Hospital in Melbourne. Which hospital are you booked into. Your baby's name souds beautiful I...


anyone else due in august? Lock

just wondering if any other mums and mum-to-bes are due in august 04??? I am 13 weeks pregnant w...

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Hi everyone I have a five year old daughter and due with my second on august 23rd. I cant wait and either can our little girl, she ...

Are you due in July Lock

Hi I would be keen to start email contact with other soon to be Mums who are due in July. I have...

12 replies

hi, i am due on july 14th, i am 20 years old, and this will be my first. if you want to chat sometime i would love to hear from you...


Anyone due in March? Lock

Hi all. MI have a hubby and a beautiful boy who is 18 months old. I have another baby due in M...

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Hello. I am due on the 22nd of March. ( In two weeks I can't wait ) I have two girls 8 and 5 1/2 and have been told I am having a...