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What Month Is Your Baby Due?

crystal 83 xx

Due 1st September 2013 Lock

Anyone due in August or sept?? I'm due September 1st..

1 reply

Great thank you!!


Due JUNE 2013 Lock

Hi everyone, just seeing if there are any mums due in June 2013? I couldnt find a forum already, ...

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thank you very much


NT Results worrying!! Lock

Hi there, I am 29 and this is my third pregnancy, I have a healthy 8 year old son and 5 year old ...

6 replies

Trisomy 21 is the medical term for Down syndrome, so if they are saying a 1:13000 risk, I would say that it's safe to think bub...


Due September 2013 Lock


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facebook July 2012 group just started Lock

hi ladies, i've just created a group on facebook for all us due in July 2012 mummies to join. its...

25 replies

**one-little-man** wrote: hi ladies, i've just created a group on facebook for all us due in July 2012 mummies to join. its a c...


Due November Lock

Hi all I have just found out im pregnant with our 4baby. I am looking forward to chating to othe...

1 reply

Thank s i couldn't find it.


Close pregnancies.... Lock

We have a bubba and he is 10 months old and am now 6 weeks pregnant again with our fifth bub. Jus...

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Babies Due in June 2012 Lock

Hi I got my BFP yesterday this will be number 3 for us and the last Im getting excited now and I ...

499 replies

Hihi! Pls add me (Cheri Siaw) to the June 2012 FB group too! My baby was born on 24 June. Thank you!


Due February 2013 Lock

I know I'm very early, but I'm just so excited!! I'm due on Feb 4th 2013. I'm feeling pretty anxi...

291 replies

I was induced and we had our little girl Pearl May in our arms on Valentines eve - how romantic! oh boy do I miss sleep too! The fir...


due May 2013 Lock

I'm hoping I can join this Month soon ....

156 replies

Hi and congrats Kimberley! heres a link to my page: - add me and i will add you to the...


Cant follow or post on Due June 2013 topic, help? Lock

I posted in this topic yesterday and followed it but now the post in gone and and I cant view thi...

7 replies

This is a late reply, but here is the Facebook group..



Hi Everyone. My identical twins are due in July, but who really knows when the little bundles of ...

3 replies

Thanks Jessica, Lol. I actually think my family is small, and my plan was to have 6 so twins would be perfect, but not in anyway wha...

Due Sept 2012 Lock

Hi Guys! I thought I would start a new thread. I have just discovered I'm Pregnant (still early d...

363 replies

Hi ladies- I can see that you are more active on the FB page that I would love to be added to if I'm allowed- I am a LATE comer afte...


Looking for mums to be around Melbourne's western suburbs Lock

Hi everyone, I just moved down to the Werribee region and would like to catch up with other mums...

6 replies

I look like I've gained weight/look at bit fatter rather than having a nice looking bump at this stage I also have a slipped disc...


Looking for mums to be in Sydney's northern beaches Lock

Hi ladies, I'm currently 24 weeks pregnant and live near Manly and would really like to meet up w...

1 reply

Hi Wendy im a collaroy mum and also pregnant with number 2. im 33 weeks pregnant and my first is 5 yrs old. happy to chat xxx Lea

Tiny Teddy

Due early August 2012 with our first bub, very excited!! :O) Lock

Hi all, After trying to conceive for 5 years and trying down the fertility assistance path, my h...

20 replies

Oops sorry thats what I get for not paying attention lol . have a great day!


End of july start of august Lock

hi anyone here due around those times? this is my third preg due 27th july but if history repeats...

4 replies

Fly1 wrote: I'm expecting my first baby on the 4th of August smile Congrats to both of you!

Who is due next year and knows the sex of bubs? Lock

I'm due at the end of March and my 19 week scan this week says girl. DD is thrilled as, atm, she...

32 replies

I'm due 2nd april with #3 but going 2weeks early-im having a girl(i have 2 boys atm) i have good 8 friends pregnant and 7 of them a...


dont know how far Lock

hi i had my normal period on october 14th i bleed for 6-7 days my next period was due on the 14th...

3 replies

Yes I thought i was 5 1/2 weeks but really i was 3 1/2 weeks i found out when i went for 8 week scan that i was 6 weeks 1 day and ap...

Due March 2013 Lock

Wow. Can't believe I am starting this thread. Come on in girls, it's lonely in here!

49 replies

Most who were on this topic have now joined our March 2013 group on facebook. It is a closed group so add me using my email address ...


Due 16th of july 2013 Lock

So 2 weeks ago i did a test at home and got a faint line so i rushed to work and did one their to...

1 reply

Congratulations Just in case you haven't come across it yet, we have the July 2013 thread currenly underway, where you will be abl...

pink N blue2

Hows all the due december mummys going? The count down is almost on!!!! Lock

how has every ones pregnancies been? im due dec 2nd so only 2wks to go for me :/ lol Whos ready...

1 reply

Welcome to Huggies You may like to chat to some of the other Mums due in December in our December 2012 thread which is currently u...

DUE NOVEMBER 2010!! Lock

Hi G.K Congrats to you. Don't be lonely here.

2283 replies

Ohhh wow just glancing through reading some of our post...we truely have been on a great adventure together xo love all you ladies


November 2012 Lock

Hi girls, Since finding out that Im pregnant i have not got off these baby websites. Hehehe..Thi...

252 replies

Hi November Mums, Bet half of you are at home with babies by now. I was originally due on 7th Nov then after ultrasounds they revis...


Newly preggers?? Lock

Hi all I found out today (4 days before my period is due) that i'm pregnant. I'm really excited ...

8 replies

Tali, add 'Natasha Dekker' as a friend and tell her you're from huggies and wanting to join the group and she will add you


Anyone due in March 2013? Lock

Hello I am due mid march 2013, just wanting to chat to other mums to be that are due around the ...

24 replies

*timtam* wrote: Hi ladies we have a Facebook due in march group going, there is around 50 members atm if you would like to join. Im ...


Due 2 July 2013 Lock

So exited my daughter (10) is so extatic and just cant wait

1 reply

Congratulations! Make sure you check out our Week by week Pregnancy guide to get advice on all the different stages of your pregnanc...

Who's Due? Lock

I WAS due yesterday

16 replies

I'm due with my first on dec 17th.


April 2013 Lock

Hi all I am 18 weeks pregnant with first baby due on April 2nd. I've had my date recalculated a ...

2 replies

Thank you, a very interesting read!


#2 Due June 2013, found out today!! Lock

I have struggled with PCOS, it took DH and i 4.5 years to have our DD last Aug'11. We decided not...

1 reply

Congrats, hope it all goes smoothly for you


Due April 2013 Lock

Hi Ladies & congratulations on your pregnancy. I am also due on the 22nd in April 2013. I am curr...

4 replies

Hi I'm due April 20th , can I join your Facebook page too ?


help needed Lock

hi im skye pregnant with my 1st, im 9wks and 5day slitly freaking out and have no idear what i ha...

9 replies

not sure if its the same in nsw as qld, but go to doc first then ring hospital you want and book in for ante natal. you can do share...


my 1st Lock

hi my name is skye and im pregnant with my 1st so excited im due the 13th april

8 replies

I'm 13 weeks with my first & I have been so lucky....I've had no morning sickness. I have started getting dizzy spells the past week...


Help me im going nuts!!!!! Lock

I know im going to the dr's tomorrow but he wont tell me when my baby is due i will need a scan a...

3 replies

Thank you Lyra i thought this was the case im just such a stress pot lol


may 2013 Lock

hey guys just looking out for mums around victoria due may 2013 roughly my due date is may 6th

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Due 5th Jan Lock

Having a baby boy due for our first baby 5th Jan 2013 so excited

9 replies

Hi Ladies, I am also due early Jan 2013 with my first, really enjoy reading the different bits of advise everyone gives out here! Ke...

Mum 2 Abigale,Eva&Nash

Nesting.. Lock

Hey ladies, i'm not sure if there is a thread on 'nesting', but i thought i'd start one. Are any...

1 reply

The wierdest thing is though, i'm not exhausted or sore from all this crazy cleaning & i think that is why i can't stop. If i was a...


Due August 2012! Lock

Hi! I know it is super early but I just got a very faint bfp! I'm only three weeks pregnant. AF i...

789 replies

Traceyh09 wrote: Love your profile pick Zimbee, Benjamin is cute. Glad to see that your two are getting on well and that DD is not u...


Due in April 2012 Lock

I thought I might get the ball rolling & start the topic for babies that are due in April 2012. T...

291 replies

Hi everyone, is their a FB page for this group as well? I havnt managed to get on in a while, Had my Son April 30th, was due the 24th


Babies Due March 2012 Lock

Hey Ladies, I thought that I would start a Babies Due in Marhc 2012 thread. My EDD is 05th Marc...

629 replies

can i be re added to the fb page please