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What Month Is Your Baby Due?


August Babies

Beginning the Due In August 2014 group!!! If you would like to add yourself to the list please co...

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February 23 2014 moms

I'm a bit confused just reading your post, sorry! I'd just ask your midwife to explain...

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not possible getting pregnant on the 4th april, your due date would be early jan 2014. You would have conceived around end of may.


12 week scan--downs testing results

So I have no idea if these numbers are good or bad? Maybe some of you ladies have a clue--I sure ...

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gahhh I so cant wait!! my sonographer told me I can book in for a 4d scan when im 16 weeks (my sil works in radiology so they all li...

Attention Ladies Due March 2014 - OFFICIAL DUE DATE LIST

March 4, soon to be six, boy March 16, Jas, boy March 15, casgazbubz, girl! They said to stick ...

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March 9, Soon to be 6, BOY. March 13, Tarajs01, girl. March 15, Cazgazbubz, girl! March 16, Jas, boy. March 18, Mandyz_54, surprise ...


Due in April 2014

Hi just curious who else is due in April? This is my first and i have many questions! I wanted to...

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I'm happy to keep in contact with you via Huggies. There is a private message function on Huggies. I'm cautious about face...



Hi everyone, I couldn't find a due in December thread so thought I would start one. I have...

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mychickenlittle Im a december/January (new years eve) due mumma, I have a 2 year old Princess and having another little gitl. Just w...


4 weeks and counting!!!

come on baby!!!this is my third... and last... getting impatient now... lucky its near Christmas ...

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Oooo how exciting! Bubba will be here before you know it.


Due for baby no2 in May 2014

Hi Was just wondering and looking for other ladies also due in May 2014 it is my second we r due ...

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Hello I'm due with my second on the 23rd May. How's the pregnancy treating you? Hope you meet some new friends in your ...


Due January 2014

Hi I'm Bek got my BFP tonight after thinking aF was coming because or brown discharge This ...

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Thanks so much

December 2012

Hi everyone, I thought I would start a December thread, just got my BFP and due around 5th Decem...

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anyone still posting on here? is there still the FB Group?



I went for my 12 week and 4 day scan today I was so excited to c my baby it had its hand up in th...

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Mum Of 3 Cuties wrote: On huggies 12 weeks is a compulsory belly pic ..... grin Would love to see one of you and your bump. It is...

Beautiful days

MAY 2013 DUE DATE !!!

May 2013 due date

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I'm due in may 2014


Due September 2013

Hi I have just got a BFP on Christmas Morning. I have had a lot of false and faint tests and I h...

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Hi! Just wondering if the fb group was still going? And if it's too late for a newcomer? I had my daughter on the 2nd of Septe...

Elmo ha!

Due in May 2014 Brisbane

Hi Ladies Just wanted to see if anyone else was due in May 2014 and living in Brisbane. I am 14 ...

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Hi, I just joined this forum today. We are having ours at the Mater and are due 19th May. Had NT test yesterday and all went brillia...

getting your lilypie ticker to work

I have seen a few mums having trouble with the tickers.... I hope these instructions help.... ...

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Hi just wondering if anyone knows if there is a fb page for mummies due in June 2014

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Thank you will add you now


Is this group still active?

Hi All, Just wanted to know if this group was still active or has everyone moved to the Facebook...

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Any Yummy Mummies due in May? :)

Wondering how many Mums are due in May 2014 and are inteersted in chatting?

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Oh I'm really sorry to hear that



hi ladies just a quick question has anyone used Vitex to try and conceive? iv been reading on the...

7 replies

This is a really good reference about vitex. I take it every day of the cycle as its the luteal phase after you ovulate that you n...


Due November 2013

Hi Everyone. My name is Christine and I just found out yesterday that I'm pregnant and due a...

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Hi everyone I was originally due with my third in Dec but due to an elective C-section will now have a November baby Is there a lin...


Due August 2014

Hi just wondering if there is anyone else out there due in August? I have recently found out I am...

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Haha preggo brain


Any Brisbane Mums due in Feb 2014

Hi I'm pregnant with my first baby, due in Feb 2014, and hoping to find local people to cha...

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Hi Lisa, I'm also due in Feb and live in Brisbane. I'm 20 weeks and 3 days along with my first baby and it's so surr...


Due August 2013

Hi ladies My names Stevie, I am 26 from New Zealand, my husband and I have been ttc for 9 months...

384 replies

Hi tigerlily! How did you go with your induction on Friday? Would love to hear your birth story when you get the chance! I hope your...


Due March 2013

Hi, My name is Beck and I have just received a BFP this morning, which will be #5 for us. I am 2...

252 replies

Hey ya how do I become a member of the Facebook page please? And thank you


Due July 2013

Just found out that Hubby and I are expecting our first on July 1st 2013! We are both very excit...

213 replies

well r son has arrived on the 7th of july. Eli was born at 11.21am weighing 8.6lbs. labour was long and he ended up being delivered...


Due January 2013

I can not find a due in January group, so maybe i am the first one to post. Due the 1st January 2013

656 replies

Hi ladies was looking for a Facebook page for bubs around the same age as my baby girl marlo. She was born 8:1:2013. Can't wait...


Due June 2013

Hi Folks, golly its been a while since I've posted/been active on here!! I did look briefly for...

97 replies

I'm not sure if there are some people here that aren't on the FB group so I thought I'd see how everyone is doing?


im due mid nov and felt baby move

finally know for sure bubs is moving, yay! Even though this is my 2nd baby, I wasn't sure if...

1 reply

Gorgeous! Love those.first flutters


Due 8th November

Hi There, my first baby is due 8th of November. If this helps to anyone who is confused about the...

1 reply

Hi there, Thank you! Ill check it out


my due date keeps getting changed n Im so over it!

It varys about a week but for tests n such its annoying as you wonder if u had it at the right ti...

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thanx all. Im sticking w original dates. I actually know when I ovulated, and had sex once that mth! But when I told Dr he said No,...


How to prepare for a baby due at the end of Winter/ start of Spring?

I am past half way with my first baby. A baby boy due at the end of August. So he'll either ...

2 replies

Taylalyn, im very similar to you. We have a lil boy arriving the last week of Aug too. Ive only just started shopping for him and fo...



Ok so I know people will only just be finding out but thought I'd get a page up and going. I...

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im due on the 7th what syptoms have u girls having im getting cramps. this will b my third hopin for a girl already have two boys 7 ...

crystal 83 xx

Due 1st September 2013

Anyone due in August or sept?? I'm due September 1st..

1 reply

Great thank you!!


Due JUNE 2013

Hi everyone, just seeing if there are any mums due in June 2013? I couldnt find a forum already, ...

1 reply

thank you very much


NT Results worrying!!

Hi there, I am 29 and this is my third pregnancy, I have a healthy 8 year old son and 5 year old ...

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Trisomy 21 is the medical term for Down syndrome, so if they are saying a 1:13000 risk, I would say that it's safe to think bub...


Due September 2013


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facebook July 2012 group just started

hi ladies, i've just created a group on facebook for all us due in July 2012 mummies to join. its...

25 replies

**one-little-man** wrote: hi ladies, i've just created a group on facebook for all us due in July 2012 mummies to join. its a c...


Due November

Hi all I have just found out im pregnant with our 4baby. I am looking forward to chating to othe...

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Thank s i couldn't find it.


Close pregnancies....

We have a bubba and he is 10 months old and am now 6 weeks pregnant again with our fifth bub. Jus...

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Babies Due in June 2012

Hi I got my BFP yesterday this will be number 3 for us and the last Im getting excited now and I ...

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Hihi! Pls add me (Cheri Siaw) to the June 2012 FB group too! My baby was born on 24 June. Thank you!