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What Month Is Your Baby Due?


Anyone live in Wellington or Kapiti?

Hey everyone. I'm due on 18th April 2015 and am currently 12 weeks and 2 days pregnant. I wa...

1 reply

Hi charlotte. I'm only 5 weekS 2 days but I live in wellington. I'm just starting to feel horrible. I hope your starti...


Due June 2014

JUNE 2014 DUE DATES!! 28 May Chasing Stars 29 May KiraJanefromUK 1st MrsMelly, MrsDaley, Li...

246 replies

Hi Ladies, don't know if anyone checks back here any more but since I no longer have access to the Facebook group, I just want ...


Any December mums to be livening in Sydney nsw?

Is there anyone due in December living in Sydney Australia ... I'm due on the 28th... I'...

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Due October 2014

I cant seem to find a thread for October 2014 babies so I thought Id start it. MegzieB - Due 16t...

313 replies

Can u please add me to the fb group? My baby was born on 4/10 email:


Due in June 2015

For mummies due in June 2015

4 replies

Hi Christie congrats and of course you can. If you add me on Facebook Mellissa Greeff (Pestana) ten I can add you to the facebook g...


Due in November 2014

Hi! I'm jessica, just found out I'm expecting baby number 2 after a misscarige last cyc...

370 replies

Oh wow myunexpectedblessing...sounds super scary but I'm glad all's turned out fab for lil Ryan! All's going great he...


Due October 2012

I couldnt find a October 2012 thread.. so I'm thinking I must be the first one Well got our pos...

359 replies

Is there a fb group for October 2012 bubs?


What next after the 12 week scan

For the last 7 weeks I have been to the doctors and then got tests and booked the next appointmen...

4 replies

I'm in Victoria and going public too. After posting this I got a letter from the hospital with my hospital appointment date ne...


September & October mums who live in Brisbane.

Hi everyone, Ive been a member here for a while,so I'm not a spammer I am at the early s...

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Due September 2014

Just got a test done and a faint line appeared! I am totally over the moon and if I calculate pro...

181 replies

If you add me, I can add you.


Due in January 2015

Hello! So excited, just found out I'm expecting my 3rd, due 2nd of January I have a 3 year ...

107 replies

Hi all I've hopefully sent the right person ( Hollie) a pm on Facebook about joining you all. Due in jan the 8th. Will be lovel...


Low-lying placenta, bleeding

I am due with my first in early December (finally after continuous miscarriages over the years) b...

2 replies

i had placenta previa from 20weeks fully covered cervix and just had my 37 week scan and has moved well away now but had no bleeding...


Maternity Model Call- Melbourne

I am looking for models for a Maternity Photo Shoot, Must be 28 weeks+ I have a website and Fa...

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Pinkie Pie

Due In August 2014

Beginning the Due In August 2014 group!!! If you would like to add yourself to the list please co...

782 replies

Aw that sounds like a pretty perfect birth! Congratulations again! Xx


Due January 2015 Facebook group

Hi everyone and congrats to those who are expecting! There is a slowly growing group on Faceboo...

5 replies

Hi Amy, sorry I sent you a request before I read your last post - thats a bit of a shame you have closed the group? If anyone else i...


Hospital Catchment area

Hi im new to this forum and can't find and other recent conversations about hospital catchme...

2 replies

Thanks for your help Leisa! I have a doctors appointment today so i will ask them about it.


December babies...

I'm due in December again.. Three times now... Though this will be my last.. congrats to al...

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any southland mums or rainbow babie mums

looking for any southland mums. am currently 12w 2d edd 29th jan 2015 any ladies with cervical i...

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First Time Mum Due in October 2014

I am a young expectant mother (22 years old) due with my first baby early October. I am living in...

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Due December 2014

Hi Everyone, just found out yesterday that we're expecting baby #2! By my calculations we ar...

112 replies

First one. Due Dec 13th


Baby born

Hi all, I had our little girl via pre booked c/section on the 26th June. We named her Amelia Jane...

3 replies

Hi all yes I do wrap her in a flannel wrap very snug. She has been checked for tongue tie and is all fine. I have had trouble gettin...


Due in July 2014

Hi there, every month is covered till we hit July 2014 so thought I might kick it of if anyone el...

298 replies

hi lady's baby Bryce is here finally, he was born on the 17th and was 7 pounds on the dot so not to big and all went well ...


December 26 - how to make my baby's day special even when no one is around to party...

Hi guys, any ideas of how to spend this day with our child? do we ignore Xmas and concentrate on ...

6 replies

That's my sisters birthday. My other sister was born on the 27th and my brother on the 15th. My mum always did a big Christmas ...


May Baby - Feeling lots of mixed feelings.

Hi Ladies, Hope you're all having a lovely day. Sorry if it seems like a bit of a strange ...

8 replies

UPDATE!! My Gorgeous Girl has arrived. Hi Ladies, Thankyou to all the lovely ladies who replied. It was nice(comforting) to kn...


Due April 2014

Hi ladies Found out yesterday that hubby and I are expecting our first bub!!!!! According to the...

410 replies

We had our 6 week needles today, one cranky little bubba here tonight :/


Due date Sept

Hi ladies, I would like to join the due Sept group. Also is there a facebook page? P.s is the fa...

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October 2014 Groups

Hi i would like to know if there is a Due October 2014 Group on Facebook, as i would like to jo...

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Happy and scared

Hi mummy's, I'm new to this site I'm currently 10 weeks .A little worried though a...

1 reply

Hi 4 surprises This is actually my 4 pregnancy but with the other 3 I've always had a scan at 8 weeks which set my mind at res...


Due April 2013

Looking through the forum I couldn't find a thread for this month so thought I should start one. ...

367 replies

your bubbas will all be having birthdays soon (I miscarried my bubba due in april) and had one in june 2013 and am due again nov 201...


Emotional Rollercoaster

Hi, I am new at this forum thing, so pardom me for interupting, but I am after some advice. I am ...

6 replies

Clazza wrote: Thanks ladies. These hormones are driving me nuts. Haha. But I'm glad I'm 'normal'. Thanks heaps f...


February 2014

HI! I just got my BFP! Looking forward to having some friends in here soon! 1 2 3 may85 ((b...

477 replies

Cool I have just found u - so u should have a random friend request. My initials are AR so it's not a random - just me!

Ann-Marie :)

Due May 2014

hey ladies, I know its early days but anyone else due May 2014? by my calcs I think 3.5.14. did ...

210 replies

Hi I am new to this forum but also due in May 2014 with my first I have just friend requested Alison Jarvis to join the FB Group as ...


Facebook PRIVATE support group (December 2013 mums 2 be)

Who is interested in joining a PRIVATE facbook group for mothers to be expecting in December 2013...

4 replies

i had my baby in dec 2013 nye... ))


Due October 2013!!

I thought I would start this thread for all us Mummies who are due in October! Hopefully we wil...

225 replies

Any chance I could join too?


Due in November 2014

I got my positive test 2 days ago and still in shock after not expecting it so early but I was a ...

3 replies

It is very exciting, Im not sure how to navigate around Huggies very well, so if I don't reply please don't think Im ignor...


anyone that has facebook and is wanting to join a group of mothers due around yourself

i have made an australian NSW group of people due in 2014 because most of them are made from over...

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*Mum of 4*

How early did u get ur BFP???

Just curious how early did u get ur BFP?????

9 replies

8dpo for this pregnancy and last wasnt until AF was due at 14dpo


Seeking pregnancy buddies in BRISBANE....

Hey there ) I'm Marlo, I am searching for some pregnant mothers, or mums-to-be, locally her...

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Due in March

Not to long to do now! But 7 and a half weeks still feels like a lifetime. Just wanting to chat...

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April 2014 Hills District Mothers Group

Hi Everyone, For those Mum to be's living in the Hills District in Sydney, I invite you to ...

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