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What Month Is Your Baby Due?


February 2016 babies

Hi, just have had my BFP after 5 cycles, this will be number 2 for us, I place my due date at Feb...

123 replies

Do you guys belong to a due February Facebook group? If so can someone please add me. Many thanks


Due July 2016

Has anyone else got their BFP for July yet?? I have my edd is July 6th

45 replies

Hi ladies, I am due on 15th July with my first. I'm finding it very exciting but scary at the same time. I have my 20 week sca...

Mummy's Girls

Is there a May FB page happening?

Hi ladies, Is there a due May FB page happening? The May thread seems to be moving a little slow ...

9 replies

Stacy if you see this, could you please message any of us from Due in April we are super worried about you. x Nicky


Due April 2015

Hi ladies, anyone else due in April? I know its still early. I think I'm due around the 3rd ...

190 replies

Stacey if you read this us ladies on Facebook are worried can u please contact one of us xxx


Due June Secret Harbour / Mandurah area

Hi, Is anyone else expecting baby in June that live around the Secret Harbour area? I've just m...

2 replies

How do we get on to the fb group? I'm due June 12th ?? Also Perth.


Due December 2015

hi beautiful ladies, I know it's still really early days, but I've made a due December...

42 replies

Hi, Is the group on Facebook still active? Would love to join if it is. I had a wee bit on December 15th ????



Hey there, If you are wanting to join a support group for mothers due in june 2016 message me yo...

3 replies

Hi Kahlia I'd also like to join the Facebook group but not sure how! I'm due on 30th June with my first Thanks


Due March 2016

Didn't know if there was a active March thread!! I'm due #3 30th March

1 reply

Hi hun, Just letting you know there is an active forum for March 2016 babies have added link below for you


Due November 2015

Hi Ladies, Thought id start a new group for November babies. I got a very faint BFP at 11 DPO. I...

174 replies

Nothing like leaving it till the last minute but can I be added? Would prefer not to put email address on this forum though....can I...

loo lou

Due April 2016

Hi Ladies!!! Anyone else out there due in April?? Im think I'm due around 12-04-2016

18 replies

Hi everyone, baby no. 3 for us is due 10th of April ????


Auckland mummies to be due March/April/May

Hi! I am 29 going on 30 soon eeek!! and I am due 7th of April 2016 and I am wondering which mumm...

3 replies

Hi tails, Sorry I haven't replied for ages! I am in a Facebook group called April 2016 babies New Zealand if you are interes...


Are you due in December 2015?

Count down the days with us! We'd love to hear from you about how you're feeling; what ...

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january 2016

hi there. our baby is due jan 2016. i was hoping to make some friends with similar baby dates

7 replies

Performancecarchick what part of nz are you in? just trying to see if we would be able to share stories etc when our babies a...



Hey I know its early but I am going to start a post for all the ladies due in July. I just got a ...

1350 replies

Hiiiiii!!!! Lmao


Due Jan 2016

hi guys Anyone know if there are any Due Jan 2016 facebook groups? might be a bit early.

110 replies

Please add me - so glad i found this group


Due October 2015

This seems ridiculously early, but I just got a very early positive test, and according to my ovu...

130 replies

I'm due about the 10th Oct.


Melbourne Mummas Due in Jan, Feb, March 2016

Hi ladies, Are there any melbourne based mummas due early next year?

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Babies Due March 2016

Any mummies due March 2016?? Would love to make form a wee group to make friends and create a sup...

1 reply

Hello! Yes I think I will be due end of March, I have been looking for a due in group through facebook for nz/aus. Do you know if th...


February 2015 due date babies

After TTC for over a year finally we got a BFP with an EDD 3 Feb 2015. Very excited. This will ...

5 replies

What is the group on Facebook? Can someone link it?


September / August 2015 babies?

Hey all, trying to find people who are due around the same time so we can chat and support one an...

1 reply

Hey! This is months late but I'm due early September ????


Any September 2015 mummas? I know it's early!

Currently pregnant for the first time, super excited! We are 4w+4d today and have an appointment ...

61 replies

I'm due at the end of august/start of September. I'd love to join the facebook group, but unsure how to?


Due October 2015

Hi are there any other mums out there due in October 2015?

2 replies

We are all on a Facebook page now so follow instructions from previous posts on how to join see ha there


Due in August 2015

A group for Mums to be due in August 2015 I got a feint BFP today This will be baby number 4!! ...

226 replies

Hi, I am due August 22nd, but might be induced 2 weeks early. This will be baby number 2 for me. I have a boy who is almost 2 and ba...


Any Jan, Feb Or march bubs in Adelaide?

I've just had my second baby girl in Feb, we live in Craigmore SA. My oldest daughter has ju...

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My Wee Boys

Due February, 2016

Hi, has anyone else got their BFP for February next year?

2 replies

Hi my wee boys! I have had bfp and dates put my due date at feb 6. Come join us on the other board that the moderator suggested


Auckland mums due Oct/Nov 2015

Hi everyone! I'm due 1st November with baby #3 and I'd love to start a Facebook group s...

3 replies

Hi there, I am due November 17th Id be keen to join. My email is I wonder if I would be allowed to join th...


Hi.Popped in to say "hello" and share the news with some potential new friends here

Hi ladies.I am Mummy - to - be,and i am on here to say,guess what ? WE ARE PREGNANT. Now i know ...

2 replies

Congratulations on your pregnancy, sounds like you have had a tough journey, hope you have a happy & health 9 months.


Due December but don't want to be on Facebook page!

Hi ladies, just found out we're due Dec 7th ish! This is baby 4 so I wanted to hop back on a...

38 replies

Hi ladies, sadly I had a miscarriage last week. Went to the hospital after I started spot bleeding, was feeling fine, and after a bl...


Anyone in west auckland due around Sep?

Anyone in west auckland due around Sep?

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Due July 2015 secret Facebook page

hi ladies Just letting you know I have set up a secret Facebook group for mummy's due in Ju...

17 replies

Hi Sab

loo lou

Mumma's due in March 2014

Hi any ladies out there due in March 2014? I would love some ladies to chat with!

1187 replies

Just wishing alllll our March babies a big huuuge "happy 1st Birthday!" Can't believe they r almost all 1 now!! Time ...


July babies Facebook group?

Hi all, can anyone tell me whether there is a Facebook group for mums with babies due in July 201...

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Due July 2015

I think I will be due 5th July

122 replies

Hi My baby will be due on july 14th this year. Could I join the face book group too? this is my link


DUE IN MAY 2015!!

Excited to get a bfp! This is our 4th baby. Anyone else due in May yet?

162 replies

Hello I am due on the 11th of May and also living in Wellington, NZ


Facebook support group babies due Feb 2015

Hi Ladies, I have just moved back home to Auckland from Melbourne, I am due with my second on the...

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August 2015???

Just wondering if there is a thread for mummas due in August 2015?

1 reply

Hi, Im due in August 2015

Six Wolves


Hello! We wanted to reach out to you in regards to a project we are casting for Qantas, in hopes ...

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Due in March 2015

Hey ladies, is there anyone else who has got their BFP that will be due in March 2015? I got a ...

224 replies

Hi just wondering if i might be able to be added to the facebook group? ( Im due 18th March. I know I...


Great I already have-not great sources good

Great I already have-not great sources good healthy water ham I didn't realized that I got i...

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Anyone live in Wellington or Kapiti?

Hey everyone. I'm due on 18th April 2015 and am currently 12 weeks and 2 days pregnant. I wa...

1 reply

Hi charlotte. I'm only 5 weekS 2 days but I live in wellington. I'm just starting to feel horrible. I hope your starti...