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What Month Is Your Baby Due?


Anyone else due in October? Lock

Hello there, I just found out today that I am expecting my 5th baby and I am so excited!!! who el...

2 replies

Me too!!! Just found out today! Due 17 October and I have a son who is almost 10 months. I’m freaking out!! Always wanted a second b...


Hi Everyone, anyone else due 7 May 2017? Lock

Hi Everyone, just looking for anyone who has just found out they are pregnant? I am due 7 May 2...

38 replies

Heeey ladies!!! I've just found out that I'm pregnant!!! I've been trying since 2017!!! I'm over the moon right ...


Facebook Group for Expectant Mums Late 2019 due dates Lock

Drop your email below to be added, or go to

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What are your pregnancy must-haves? Lock

I wish I hadn't waited so long to get: - My pregnancy pillow - Pregnancy journal https://www...

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Is your baby due in July 2018? Lock

Just found out you're pregnant? Join our thread to chart your journey with others!

78 replies



Due April 2019 group Lock

Hi there, I'm Tabitha, 31 in Wellington and I have created a new FB group for us NZ ppl expe...

47 replies

Sent Alexis . Sorry to be slow. We aren't actively checking these groups any more x


April 2019 Mums Lock

Hi ladies I thought I would start a secret fb group for April 2019 bubs if anyone is interested ?...

11 replies

Thanks KMM, congrats to you too!


APRIL 2019 Lock

Hi, Im due 26 April. Who is going to find out baby's gender?

1 reply

Hi I’m due around 21st April and we are most definitely finding out gender. 3 more weeks to wait sooo excited. Pretty sure we know w...


February 2019 babies due Lock

Hey everyone, I’m Sarah, I’m 29. I got my BFP + around 5 days ago now which would put me around...

77 replies

Congrats everyone! This is my first pregnancy and I'm due Valentine's Day (14th Feb). I'm originally from Brazil and...


four months left now Lock

Hi guys. I want to tell you all about a friend of mine. I used to post here about her IVF journey...

1 reply

That is great news! Congratulations to her. Thank you for keeping us updated. The clinic is doing a wonderful job! Every day they ar...


Anyone else in NZ due in February?? Lock

Hi! Would love to connect with other mums due in Feb 2019. This will be our second child

2 replies

Yes I'm due Feb 2019. First child!!


May 2019 anyone?? Lock

Anyone else due may 2019? I found out yesterday im pregnant, so happy and excired. would love to...

6 replies

Does anyone know of a FB group yet??

January 2019 babies Lock

Hey there congratulations! Looks like I'll be joining you, took a test last wed and got a B...

25 replies

Hi Ladies, i am expecting no. 4 (due 28 Jan) have 3 beautiful boys, based in Auckland. Is there a facebook group or mums and bubs gr...


Any due March 2019? Lock

Hi all, if anyone would like to join a due March 2019 Facebook page, let me know! I have created ...

10 replies

I just added you so hopefully I can join the group!

Huggies Support

Is your baby due in August 2018? Lock

Just found out you're pregnant? Congratulations! Join others due in the same month and chart...

13 replies

Hi I am due on 31st August - I think its only just hitting me too! Would love to join the Facebook group. My email is [email protected]


Due In December Lock

Hi All, Looking for others who are due in December and are located in the Redlands Bay/Brisbane a...

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March 2019 Lock


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December/January due date group!! Lock

Hi everyone! There is an active Facebook group for mums due in dec 2018 / jan 2019. If you would...

3 replies

Jessica_Paige-631 Can you please add me to the Facebook group


Anyone due November 2018? Lock

Hi All, I just found out I am nearly 4 weeks pregnant with my first child and would like to chat ...

30 replies

Hi, could add me to the FB page too please.


Due February 2019, NZ Lock

Hi mummies, are there any NZ mums due in Feb 2019, I would love to start up a support group

5 replies

Me! I’m due in Feb. Best way to connect?


Due December 2018 Lock

Hi! I’m awaiting beta HCG to confirm my pregnancy after IVF so I’m probably one of the first to f...

45 replies

Hello, just joined the community here. New to Victoria and due 3rd December, would love to join the fb group if it's still open...


? ???????????? ???????????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????? ? Lock


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I just got my first positive! Lock

Hello everyone.“I just got my first positive! doing great work. I am only about four weeks! We we...

4 replies

hey hun. congratulations. the is such a good news. really happy for you. take care of yourself. hope it all goes well. best of luck....


Due November 2018 Lock

Hi everyone, My pregnancy is still technically just between my partner and myself... it’s our fi...

13 replies

Hey Emmy… I am really excited for you dear. It's time for celebration. Congratulations to you. May, your journey go with safe a...


Yay - Due October 2018! Lock

Hey ladies, Will kick off a 'Due in October 2018' group I got my BFP last Friday! Cong...

23 replies

Hi. Due this October and would love to join the group. Just sent a PM to the email address from Erin. Thanks


Mummas of June 2018 Lock

Hey everyone! I'm new to this website and also first time pregnant! My friends have strong...

46 replies

Hi can you please add me. Due June 24th. [email protected]


I want to travel with my son and my daughter (baby of 9 months) from South Africa to Canada Lock

Hello, i want to travel with my son and my daughter from South Africa to Canada and I don't ...

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Benefits of using organic skin care products Lock

It is no surprise that organic skin care products are more popular than ever, if you haven’t know...

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Adidas tubular producers big selling Lock

adidas chaussure pas cher truly endlessly ahead of a great deal of tubular have been created. The...

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Are you due in April 2017? Lock

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Share your experiences here!

11 replies

Hi,It's really a big news.I am so happy to know about your pregnancy.I hope you have a beautiful child.Keep us updated about yo...


Due September 2018 Lock

Hey all just wondering if anyone is due in September 2018? I'm due on the 4th . Any Facebook...

24 replies

Hi there we are expecting our first baby 9th september would love to be added to the facebook group Melanie Neil Dunedin


Secret Facebook group created for mums expecting in July 2018 Lock

Hi, We have a secret Facebook group created for mums expecting in July. This page was created for...

7 replies

Yes please I'm due on 25th July [email protected]


Due October 2018 Lock

Anybody here due in october 2018, I joined an awesome facebook group through this page with my fi...

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Huggies Support

Babies due in March 2018 Lock

Just found out you're pregnant? Join our support group and track your amazing journey here!

25 replies

Hi Ladies, I’m due March 9th, bit late to this due group party but if there’s an online group I would love to join?


Due in September! Lock

Hello, are there any other ladies out there due in September who may like to start a Facebook gro...

11 replies

Wao, numerous congrats. I wish you a protected, upbeat and sound voyage of pregnancy. In spite of the fact that it's your secon...


Due May 2018 Lock

Hey Ladies, just wondering if anyone has started a Facebook page or should I start one for Due Ma...

18 replies

Hi I'm also due May 2018, could someone please add me to the fb group too? Thanks!!/pip.ryan...

Sarah Willy Chadwick

Hello Lock

Hey everyone! How are you all doing? Well, first of all, I'd like to send a lot of good wish...

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July 2018 NZ Facebook group Lock

Hey! Would anyone be interested in joining a secret Facebook group for babies due in July in nz...

14 replies

Please add me, [email protected]


Is there a Facebook page yet for babies due June 2018? Lock

Hi is there a Facebook page yet for babies due in June 2018? If so please let me know, would love...

13 replies

Please add me [email protected] Let me know if you can't find me. Katie Due 26 June