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May 2020 is there a group? Lock Rss

Hi there

Just wondering if anyone has a private closed facebook group for may 2020. Would love to join one my last groups are amazing. New zealand only.
Hi there, I’m looking for a group too, I might tag along with you and see where we end up.
I’m waiting for bloodtest confirmation after positive home pregnancy tests but I could be looking at due end of May
I wondered what was going on in May 2020 then I realised it must be due date! haha I'm a bit slow sometimes. Sounds like a great idea. Best of luck ladies
I'm due 8th may but most likely will most likely earlier.

I would start a group but I don't have time to admin groups
I want too! Give me link
I am May 2020 too ????
I don't have a link I was asking if anyone had one I don't have time to admin a page lol
I just joined this one.
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