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Due in March 2020 Rss

I’m so sorry to hear this feemo! How scary for you. I hope you are recovering ok.

For anyone interested, I have set up a secret Facebook group for nz mamas due in March 2020. Add your name here and I’ll need to add you as a friend, then to the group once you accept.
Hi, due 23rd March smile can I please be added too? I have a friend as well to add, thank you smile
I’d love to be added to the fb group ????
I’m due 3rd March. I’m on fb as Bethany Lang, based in Albury south Canterbury
I would love to be added, how do I find you on fb?
So sorry- I haven’t logged in for a while. Would love to add you all. If you post your names here (and a photo desc is need be), I’ll add you as friends, then add you to the group (it’s secret so there’s no other way to find it). Will check back in more regularly smile
Bethany - is your profile pic of you and your son? ...don’t want to friend request a random!
Alida - is your profile pic of you and a friend? smile
8th of March !!
Samantha Ramos, it’s hubby, son and I on my profile pic. Son has a bow tie. Thanks heaps
Found you Samantha ????
The question marks were a smiley emoji! smile
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