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Babies due Sept 2019 Rss

I'm hoping to be due around September 2019! Period is due on Christmas day so hoping for a positive! Testing 5 days before it's due would be too early to show a positive wouldn't it?x
Just got my BFP yesterday and my period was due Xmas day so I say not too early!

Can I please be added to the group my email is

Thanks smile
That's strange!
Can I look you up instead?
This is me if this helps?

Hello! I have just found out I'm expecting baby #3 in early September! Would love to join the group.
Could I please be added too? My EDD is 12/09/2019. My email is thanks smile
Hi can you please add me too? My email is
I’d love to join in too, but please only add me if the group is still Secret, I haven’t told anyone yet. my email is
Hi, just got our BFP for baby #3! Please add me:
Add me too Im due 24th september,
me too please smile)
This is the link to the group

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