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May 2019 anyone?? Rss

Anyone else due may 2019?
I found out yesterday im pregnant, so happy and excired.
would love to connect to other mums due in may as well

I'm hopefully joining you! I'm currently 5+5 with baby number 4! However I'm very apprehensive after having a miscarriage in June. Congrats to you. How are things going for you?
I found out 3 weeks ago I’m pregnant. I’m 6 weeks 5 days pregnant. This will be my 3 red pregnancy. My kids are 10 and 11. When is a good time to tell them your pregnant

I'm currently 5w5d so I think due around May 16. This is my 5th pregnancy and hopefully our third child. I've had one miscarriage, one stillbirth, one healthy baby boy (8) and one healthy baby girl (3)
Currently 5 weeks found out 2 days ago. Second pregnancy already have 5 year old girl. Due 22 May

Does anyone know of a FB group yet??
Does anyone know of a FB group yet??
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