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Any due March 2019? Rss

Hi all, if anyone would like to join a due March 2019 Facebook page, let me know! I have created one. I have been in one with my last babies and it’s so good to be able to chat with other ladies who are at the same stage!
How do I join? Here is a link to the group smile
I’d rather join a secret group sorry
It is secret now, you will have to send me a friend request to be able to add you seeing as it is secret smile
I added you
Hi! I’m due in March 2019 as well, ok if I join?
I'm also Due in March 2019, It's a long road ahead for me.
Hi mummas to be! Also due March 2019, would love to join the FB group so sending friend request
Hey Hey,
I tend to not use Facebook to much, so none of that for me. But feel free to come and chat anytime.
10 weeks today for me.very excited as each week goes buy.
I just added you so hopefully I can join the group!
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